F&B group Black Sheep Restaurants is bringing Australia’s Gelato Messina to Hong Kong.

F&B group Black Sheep Restaurants is bringing Australia’s well-loved Messina‘s first-class gelato to the city, opening the gelateria’s first location in Hong Kong.

Founded in 2002, Messina has grown their global recognition with the range of their freshly-churned gelato signature flavours and rotating specials. Messina’s brand is defined by their superior quality brought by their unwavering dedication to making everything from scratch, right down to the foundations of their ingredients. From raising their own dairy cows, to establishing hazelnut and strawberry farms, Messina ensures the highest quality of all of their ingredients.

Every ingredient is fresh and never pre-made at Messina, their gelato base and baked goods are all made in-house. Aligning well with Black Sheep’s values, Messina is committed to building not only  exceptional quality, but also exemplary guest experiences, defining every visit to the gelateria a memorable experience.

Messina Hong Kong


Black Sheep’s first collaboration in over five years, Co-founders Christopher Mark and Syed Asim Hussain shared their enthusiasm to be working with Messina’s inspiringly driven team. “We are passionate about gelato and consider ourselves connoisseurs, but knowing good gelato and being able to make it on a large scale are two different things; so when we think someone else can do it better than we can, that is when we look to partner,” comments Hussain, “We were blown away by Messina’s gelato—we believe it is the best in the world—but also by their work ethos, which is very much in line with our own. The amount of pride and detail that they achieve at every level is really inspirational.”

Messina gelato_Black Sheep to Open Messina Gelateria in Hong Kong


Messina’s first Hong Kong location will be opening soon on the city’s iconic Pottinger Street, adding to the colourful experiences available to visitors. A perfect complement to the city’s sweet tooth and often too warm weather, this is the scoop of joy the city deserves. Messina Hong Kong hopes to transform the city’s dessert scene and establish themselves as an essential gelato destination.

Founded in 2012 by Syed Asim Hussain and Christopher Mark, Hong Kong-based Black Sheep Restaurants combines the pair’s passion for hospitality, along with a zest for travel and discovering dining subcultures. Curating distinct dining experiences that tell a story that celebrate the bounty of premium ingredients available both locally and overseas, Black Sheep is dedicated to creating this experience both in Hong Kong and expanding worldwide. The F&B group’s opening of Messina Hong Kong marks a bright future for potential collaborations. 


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