Running is exhilarating and exhausting but there’s no better way to experience the city than on foot. So why not?

This week, we spoke to the Hive Life team about their first marathon at STREETATHON around Central Pier, Hong Kong for the Hive Runs. “We like to encourage each other to grow together and running is a great way to build stronger connections.” says Yin Fun Chan. “We hope to see more members join us for the Half Marathon in Cambodia in December; as that is for a real great cause of helping to build a better future by providing aid to children and the disabled in Cambodia.


What is the Hive runs?

Yin Fun Chan: the Hive Runs is a great way to do build stronger connections, strengthen our community and grow together. The next generation’s lives can be changed through the strong community of running and it would be great to see everyone join us for the Half Marathon in Cambodia in December; as that is for a real great cause of helping to build a better future by providing aid to children and the disabled in Cambodia.

Crystal Chan: It brings runners and non-runners alike to compete together as a team in long-distance runs throughout Asia, with all proceeds from the events donated to charity. Whether you want to give back to the community or just become a better runner.

Jacquie Ho: I hope it inspires people to come together to not only lead a healthy lifestyle, and getting in much needed exercise, but it also brings people together for a great cause.

How did you find the experience?

Yin Fun Chan: The experience was great as I’m not a real big runner, so 5km was the perfect distance. To be surrounded by a fantastic team and by so many other enthusiastic runners – it was a really enjoyable experience.

Crystal Chan: STREETATHON was really well-run, pun completely intended.The venue itself was gorgeous, running in downtown Hong Kong along the harborfront park and ferris wheel, with lots of cheering supporters and well-wishers all along the path.  For non-experienced runners such as myself, this event was a great way to jump into the world of organized running events.

Jacquie Ho:The run was quite interesting and a personal challenge for myself as I haven’t done any actual running for quite some time. If I had done some practice before hand I think the experience would have been even better, but even without, the 5km was quite fun.

What runs are coming up next?

Jacquie: The Half Marathon Run in Cambodia will be happening in December and it will be quite an opportunity to travel over there to not only run for a good cause but also experience another country.


What was your experience like on the day?

Yin Fun Chan: I ran alongside one of my colleagues and it was really nice. We encourage one another to keep going (go teamwork!) and despite it raining all morning non-stop; we made it to the end! I would definitely do another one (another 5km would be great!) as you can really enjoy doing it with a group.

Crystal Chan: As an inexperienced runner, 5km was the perfect distance for an organized run, especially with the intermittent rain on race day cooling everything down.  I enjoyed the event so much that I’m already practicing for the next!  

Jacquie Ho:  5km doesn’t sound like a long distance but it’s definitely not a short run either. For someone who doesn’t run much (unless catching the bus or MTR) 5km was a good distance to start off and get me interested in pursuing a more healthy active lifestyle. The run made me realize that putting in an hour a day for a run may not be such a bad idea.

How can we prepare for the next race?

Yin Fun Chan: Practicing together, eating a good balanced diet and be positive! You can also keep an eye out on our Hive Runs Facebook page where we have been posting up tips on how to.

Crystal Chan: Since the next run is a half-marathon rather than 5km, participants will need to engage in some serious race preparation and training.  At least in the weeks nearing race day, participants should expect to run good several miles at least 4-5 times per week to make sure they’re prepared.

Jacquie Ho: A half-marathon is almost 4 times what I ran for Streetathon, so it probably requires much more preparation beforehand. Regular intervals of training and keeping a balanced diet would be the best option to stay in the best condition for the run.

Can you describe your day at the marathon?

Yin Fun Chan: Waking up early is never liked and it rained the entire time, but when we finished the marathon – the sense of satisfaction and knowing that I had managed to complete the run was an amazing feeling. I feel that I was able to bond with my team a bit more; as we’re not all based in the same location! One tip for the next run (and especially if it rains) – bring a change of clothes!

Crystal Chan: I was nervous and didn’t get a whole lot of sleep the day before. So, being at the event was something of a dream for me. Thankfully the race was stocked full of free race-friendly food and drink as volunteers handing them out to runners all along the race path.  I  knew the run was going to be difficult, but it never felt like it with so many folks along the race path cheering the runners to keep pushing forward.  There were also a lot of elderly, disabled, and young kids running in the event, which was a very positive sight indeed.

Jacquie Ho: The day started off with an early morning alarm and constant rain (but I think running in the rain is much better than the sun). I was a little worried for myself (and my health) as running 5km in one go without any practice seemed a little intimidating. Despite all that, the day didn’t turn out bad as the MC’s of the race, the marathon crew, and other runners pumped up the atmosphere. As we participated in the family run, it was quite fun to see families running together for a good cause.


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