Good Food Technologies is behind Hong Kong’s disruptive plant-based gourmet label Plant Sifu, helmed by food technologists, Dr. Andrew Leung and Joshua Ng. On a mission to refresh Chinese culinary art and promote sustainable fare in the region, the foodpreneurs and co-founders unveil their key market strategy, the secret to their delicious Cantonese dim sums, and more on the future of veganism. 

Plant Sifu™ was born with a simple vision, to feed people with sustainable, nourishing, and equally delicious plant-based dishes. Launched by Hong Kong’s pioneering FoodTech company, Good Food Technologies, who are locally renowned for delivering exceptional protein alternatives, their gourmet brand’s product range is mindfully curated by the technologists and co-founders, Dr. Andrew Leung and Joshua Ng. Through their groundbreaking innovation, AROMAX™, the brand designs high-quality, aromatic, and cookable plant-made pork food staples, catering to the Asian palate and cuisine.

Andrew Leung and Joshua Ng

The homegrown plant-based powerhouse is celebrated by local chefs and Chinese culinary aficionados for their wholesome range of Cantonese shaomai, and dim sum, serving authenticity in taste, texture, and aroma. 

Plant Sifu™ recently partnered with Hong Kong’s nutritious meal service provider, NOSH, introducing over 30 sustainable and plant-forward dishes together with their in-house gourmet chef. The meal-plan will offer vegetarians and flexitarians a wholesome new alternative, catering to their diverse dietary needs while fostering their commitment to a healthy and green lifestyle. 

With a vision to propel their Chinese vegan gourmet globally, Plant Sifu™ continues to innovate new food staples, while working closely with local F&B specialists and grocery stores to grow their presence beyond Hong Kong, co-founders Dr. Andrew and Joshua share more on their fundamental approach.

Plant Sifu_Hive Life

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Can You Share a Little More About Your Backgrounds?

Dr. Andrew: “[I] hold a PhD in chemistry and chemical engineering from Imperial College London. [My] family runs a 40 plus year old traditional Chinese restaurant. 

[I] leveraged [my] deep understanding of Chinese food and academic learnings to create AROMAX™, essentially pork fat and lard made from plants. [I] lead the research, product development, and production at Good Food Technologies.

Joshua:  “I [have conducted] sustainability related research since early on, covering topics from renewable energy, smart cities to food technology. 

After understanding the vast impact of the food industry on the globe, [I] decided to combine my [expertise and] passion [for the cuisine to launch the company where I] now manage the business’ development, financial, and operational aspect.”

Plant Sifu_Hive Life

How Did You Come to Establish Plant Sifu™ in Hong Kong?

Plant Sifu™ was launched with the belief that for new-age Asian plant-based cuisines to be accepted by the masses, you need [authentic] taste and affordable products, created with conscious optimisation. 

Our creative process started with focusing on studying [Chinese cuisine], [essentially] the classic Canto dimsum and shaomai– local favourite snacks, to understand the [flavours] and what makes it [delicious], while experimenting endlessly to [perfect its] plant-based version.”

vegan dim sum

Do You Personally Practise Plant-Based or Conscious Eating?

Andrew initiated: “Sustainability for me, means eating as little meat as possible without compromising on taste and health. I used to practise vegetarianism back in the [United Kingdom]. However, it was difficult to continue in Hong Kong, given the limited [food] choices. This is why we wanted to research and develop a healthier plant-based meat that [best] suits Chinese cuisine.”

Joshua added: “Living sustainably is a life philosophy where one actively tries to better the planet by making mindful choices. It can be as simple as avoiding plastic bags, reusing your own cup at the office, and [consuming] less red meat, and what we eat happens to be one of the most impactful choices from a sustainability standpoint. For me, change starts with oneself.”

plant based dumplings

What Was the Key Direction Behind Your Label, and Why Chinese Cuisine?

“Chinese cuisine is our primary focus, because it is one of the largest culinary categories globally, and is [among the] top 3 in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia

Plant Sifu™ aspires to become the go-to plant-based brand for Asian cuisines globally. Our direction stemmed from realising the need for a different approach to our supply chain, branding and business development [in order for us] to succeed.”

Plant Sifu_Hive Life

What is the Plant-Based Protein Used for Your Dim Sum Products?

“Our primary [alternative] protein is soy. After speaking to numerous chefs, we discovered that the core ingredient which makes up the essence of Asian cuisine and flavours is the authentic smell and taste of the food. We created a secret ingredient, AROMAX™, which is a plant-based meat, mimicking the scent, appearance and texture of fatty pork. 

Moreover, by incorporating AROMAX™ into our product portfolio, we created pork meat alternatives that are healthier and [flavourful]. Additionally, the technology allows our products to perform better under water-based [solubles] – which is key in Asian cuisine.”

Plant Sifu_Hive Life

What Has Been Your Best Seller in Hong Kong?

“Our shaomai!” 

plant based shaomai

What Are Some Misconceptions About Plant-Based Cuisine?

“The primary misconception about new-generation plant-based food is that it is often expensive and overly processed, and [not as delicious.]

Plant Sifu™ addresses this by adopting a taste-first approach, focusing on affordability, while minimising ingredient use, [adopting] a unique Chinese culinary angle. We also avoid adding MSG and colouring to our products.”

Plant Sifu_Hive Life

What Have Been Some of the Biggest Challenges You Have Had to Overcome?

Andrew: “Convincing people to adopt a more plant-based diet [is one of the greater challenges]. Hong Kong’s [population is among the highest meat consumers] in the world. Such habits can be changed once [alternative-protein] products offer similar or better sensory experience than animal-based options.

Joshua: “Considerable effort is needed to educate consumers on what plant-based meat is and how our soy-based products are different from traditional mock meats, [such as] tofu. There is no shortcut to converting consumers, one needs to taste the [items] to understand and see it as a viable protein alternative, one bite at a time.”

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As Awareness of Sustainability Continues to Increase, How do You Plan on Catering to Rising Demand?

“[We aspire for] Plant Sifu™ to become the go-to plant-based brand for Asian cuisines globally. 

[Whether you are] visiting an Asian restaurant, or going to your local supermarket, or cooking plant-based dishes at home, [we want to make] Plant Sifu™ an accessible household product.”

Plant Sifu_Hive Life

NOSH Recently Introduced Plant Sifu™ as Their Exclusive Plant-Based Meat Partner. Could You Share More About This New partnership?

“We have collaborated with NOSH for their “Veggie” and “Flexi” meal plans. NOSH believes in healthy, convenient and smart food choices which [works in synergy] with Plant Sifu™. Previously, customers could only find our products through selected retailers and restaurants that [serve] Chinese cuisine primarily. [With our new partnership], [speciality] chef-made dishes and recipes can now be enjoyed at home – inspired by Asian, Western, Mexican cuisines, and beyond. 

Interested customers can simply go to NOSH’s website to select the new meal-plans.”

NOSH veggie and flexi meals

What Retail Stores are Your Products Currently Available At?

“We are available at Greendotdot, HKTVmall, and other vegetarian boutique retailers, [shelving] our dim sum selection.

You can also find local restaurants serving our plant-based meat.”

local restaurants

Are There Any New Products You Are Developing or Exciting Upcoming C0llaborations for Plant Sifu™?

“Our newest product is the Dried Tangerine Peel Plant-based Beef Shaomai, which will roll out in the market in the coming month. 

We also partnered with Hong Kong’s hand-craft noodle artisan and Shanghainese bistro chain– Shanghai Lao Lao. Each of the plant-based xiaolongbao are handmade-to-order at local [restaurant] outlets.”

Shanghai Lao Lao


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