Hong Kong’s Good Food Technologies has launched its first homegrown plant-based gourmet label, Plant SifuTM, aiming to provide an authentic taste of Chinese culture to customers through tasty, affordable, sustainable, and nutritious vegan options.

Good Food Technologies is a Hong Kong-based FoodTech company, that specialises in the innovation and development of delightful and sustainable “future foods.” As a fast-growing food solutions provider, they are debuting their first homegrown plant-based gourmet brand, Plant SifuTM . Reimagined pork, the most consumed meat in Asia, they aim to cater to this demand with healthy and sustainable plant-based alternatives.

Good Food marked Plant Sifu’s entryway into the market with the official launch of three new gourmet plant-based Chinese dim sums, and a meat collection, promising taste and texture that creates an authentic local food experience. Incorporating AROMAXTM  proprietary fat technology, the gourmet vegan products are derived from generated pork fat made from plants.

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Joshua Ng, the Co-founder of Good Food Technologies stated, “There has been very limited innovation in fat technology in the plant-based meat world.  AROMAXTM takes fat to a whole new level – with strong meat aromas, real juiciness and actual cookability. This ingredient even turns translucent after steaming, like animal fatty pork.”

The meat selection is 100% plant-based, with zero cholesterol, zero hormones, and zero antibiotics, while crafting nutritious and conscious food solutions by introducing lower sodium levels, lower calories, and lower fat and enriched fibres in their products. Using certified non-GMO soy as its primary plant protein, it retains essential amino acids and avoids any MSG, preservatives bringing out the natural flavours for enriched taste.

“Our team went on to invent AROMAXTM – using konjac gelatin structures locked with flavours and aromas to mimic fatty pork,” added Dr. Andrew Leung, the Co-founder of Good Food Technologies

Plant SifuTM is venturing into the food service industry with their minced plant-based pork product, designed to have high versatility so that culinary chefs can effortlessly create their own fusion dishes. Amongst their renowned clientele are the Grand Hyatt, Disneyland, Ocean Park, and more.

Committing to delivering affordability and sustainability in all their products without compromising quality and taste, the FoodTech company intends to further expand their consumer product range and meat products later this year.

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Chef Lee Man Sing, the Executive Chef of Mott 32, a contemporary Chinese restaurant, commented, “I like Plant SifuTM.  It’s made in Hong Kong and has a more natural flavour.”

Additionally, as Good Food foresees the expansion of the food sustainability focus in the international market, they have established their label as a thriving plant-based solution in Chinese and Asian cuisines, hoping to provide their delicious, sustainable and healthy products around the globe.

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