Hong Kong arts and culture hub PMQ launches a new online workshop series, encouraging all to unleash their creativity from anywhere. 

A landmark in Soho, Hong Kong, PMQ is a creative hub that is home to over 100 local designers innovating in fashion, accessories, homeware, architecture, product design, furniture, and more. In a new online edition of their Creative Workshop Series @PMQ, many of Hong Kong’s rising brands and studios are making art accessible to all. Running from April 1st, 2022 until the end of the year participants are encouraged to join these workshops from home and explore some unique art forms.

Featuring over 40 creative workshops across different fields, hosted by PMQ’s creative talent, not only are participants welcome to join from home, but schools, groups, or corporates are also encouraged to make bookings for small group or team building events.

Along with a wide range of creative experiences, the Resin Fluid Art Online Workshop by rcube Store guides guests to create their own handcraft resin fluid art tray at home, with three different DIY set options and all materials provided.

PMQ workshop_Resin Fluid Art Online Workshop

rcube Store

Decorate your home whilst pursuing your creative side with Tufting Dept at their viral Tufting Workshop. Mix and match different yarns to make a unique, colourful, and fluffy rug for your space.

PMQ workshop_Tufting Workshop

Tufting Dept

A Cyanotype Fabric Printing Online workshop by A Studio is launching along with Pattern Weaving Artwork and SAORI Weaving Tapestry workshops led by Modement.

Conducted via Zoom, the Cyanotype Fabric Printing with Frame workshop led by A Studio uses the traditional technique of Cyanotype Print which was invented in 1842 by the astronomer John Herschel. Using chemicals he would photocopy negative films into a blue and white picture.

Incorporating this method with textile art to make different creations, this is another unique experience that will add to your wardrobe or home.

Cyanotype Fabric Printing with Frame (Diameter 20cm)


The Orchid in a Fresh cut Bamboo Flower Arrangement Workshop by Chinese floral art master, Waa.Faa.Cii, will give you all the knowledge and skills you need to create an iconic centrepiece for your home. The workshop will use seasonal and fresh crops to add to your arrangement.

Creative Workshop Series @PMQ


Interested participants can contact PMQ for more information, and can access the full list of workshops here.

Featured banner image credit: 513 Paint Shop


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