The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo launches online programme “Let’s Talk Art! Online”  in English, facilitating conversations on art appreciation and deepening understanding of Japanese culture. 

Online experiential programme “Let’s Talk Art! Online” launched at Japan’s National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (MOMAT) on February 2, 2022. Originally offered in person, “Let’s Talk Art!” aims to spark conversations, deepen understanding of the museum’s collections, and encourage appreciation of Japanese culture. Due to increased travel restrictions, MOMAT is now offering their guided programme in English online, opening up access to anyone across the globe.

“Let’s Talk Art! Online” Launches at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

Japan’s first national art museum, MOMAT is situated across from the Imperial Palace. Hosting one of Japan’s largest art collections, the museum’s galleries include countless masterpieces from the early 20th century to the present day, from Japanese and foreign artists.

5 Wada Sanzo, South Wind, 1907 & 6 Ota Chou, Women Observing Stars, 1936 MOMAT

Women Observing Stars by Ota Chou (1936)  & South Wind by Wada Sanzo (1907)

“Let’s Talk Art!” differentiates itself from traditional guided tours at museums, and encourages participants to interact with each other. For the online programme, a facilitator will be present to guide a conversation about three carefully selected works from the museum’s extensive collection.

MOMAT welcomes not just art lovers to this cross-cultural exchange, but anyone who is seeking to deepen their understanding of Japanese art and culture.

Let's Talk Art! Online

MOMAT’s “Let’s Talk Art! Online” occurs weekly at 10:30-11:50am on Wednesdays or Saturdays (JST/GMT+9:00). The programme is conducted in English with up to 6 participants allowed per session. Bookings can be made via Viator.

Koga Harue, Sea, 1929 MOMAT

Sea by Koga Harue (1929)


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