Hong Kong’s avant-garde mixology bar Quinary celebrates its 10th anniversary with “The Timeless Imagination” cocktail series and “Stay Friends with Exes” July guestshifts. 

Hong Kong’s “Pioneer of Multisensory Mixology,” Quinary, is celebrating ten years of whimsical creations with a new cocktail series “The Timeless Imagination” and guestshifts in July.

Introducing molecular cocktails that engage all five senses to the local bar scene, Quinary was most recently awarded 16th place in Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2022. Looking back at the multisensory cocktail bar’s first ranking in 2013, Quinary has evolved with Hong Kong’s fast-paced F&B industry, continuing to push boundaries whilst upholding true hospitality and artistry.

Quinary Celebrates 10th Anniversary with New Cocktail Series and Guestshifts in July

Commemorating the teams and effort behind each craft cocktail, July’s “Stay Friends with Exes” guestshifts will spotlight ex-bartenders that contributed to Quinary’s decade of iconic mixology. Working as a platform for emerging talents, Quinary aspires to not only enrich their team internally, but also in the wider craftsmanship and hospitality scene.

Every Tuesday of July, 8pm-11pm, Quinary legends will be returning to serve their specialty cocktails and join in on the nostalgic festivities.

Quinary Antonio Lai & Kai Ng

Antonio Lai, Executive Mixologist & Co-owner and Kai Ng, Bar Manager, Quinary

Joining in on the celebrations, “The Timeless Imagination” cocktail series reimagining Quinary’s classics concoctions.

Inspired by the “Old Pal,” the Play Pal perfectly captures peppery spice of rye with the addition of Cigar- smoked perfume and dry bitterness from the campari, incorporated with fine-drawn tropical flavours. Embark on a multisensory adventure with the Forest Affair, as it guides you through airy breezes and earthy roots of  tonka beans redistilled tequila, fragrant bittersweet bitters, followed by an undertone of malty sweetness.

Quinary Play Pal and The Forest Affair

Immerse yourself in familiar memories with Nostalgia, served in a traditional tea cup and mimicking classic Cantonese sweet soup made with apricot kernel. Enhanced with aromatic plum from red wine umeshu and accompanied by peach liqueur, pineapple, and lime juice, the flavours are synthesised with the subtle note of sencha sous vide vodka. This unforgettable delight is coated in umami packed housemade golden powder on one half and tangy yuzu bits on another half, a duet of savoury and sweet.

Quinary Nostalgia

Gents O’Clock is a delightful symphony of flavours in its complex blend of dry fig sous vide rye whiskey and Madera Sherry, with subtle sweetness from coffee bean maple syrup and campari cream finished with applewood smoke curls.

Travel to Japan with Little Miss Anko, a sweet combination with heartwarming elements including sweet potato infused shochu, Hojicha and coconut oil fat-washed gin, and a smooth blanket of red bean foam. To level up the sweet sensation, enjoy the cocktail with a housemade matcha shochu chocolate lollipop.

Quinary Gents O’Clock and Little Miss Anko

Enjoy these commemorative cocktails, many other new iconic creations, and celebratory guestshifts at Quinary throughout July.

Address: G/F, 56-58 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong


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