Hong Kong-based social enterprise r é n aims to bring a meaningful change through the launch of its first pop-up charity dinner event at BaseHall in partnership with the local Student Aid Society.

Advocating the underprivileged community and youths in Hong Kong, r é n was founded by a collective of advocates who shared a similar vision of bringing humanity together through acts of goodwill and other educational endeavours to raise awareness and donations for local nonprofit organisations. The social enterprise has embarked on a new campaign partnering with the Hong Kong Student Aid Society (HKSAS) as their beneficiary charity.

In hopes to create an impact-driven exchange and offer special experiences, r é n will officially launch its pop-up charitable dinner event at BaseHall 02 on 23 February 2023. The dining concept is stipulated as a part of their fundraising initiatives to make more meaningful and influential campaigning, while supporting the underserved community.

Additionally, the initiatives will spotlight the organisation’s presence within the local food and beverages (F&B) scene, bringing together notable chefs and hospitality specialists from Hong Kong.

Jo Soo-Tang, the Founder and Principal Advocate of r é n, said, “[we are] the THREAD that connects people and we are rolling out a series of very interesting collaborations with a variety of brands. I am excited to grow r é n into a household name and I can’t wait to expand our food and beverage offerings throughout Hong Kong.”

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Built on the three key pillars of humanity, goodness, and food, r é n aspires to assemble a collective of like-minded individuals who are connected through a shared passion for the good of our society, to create a tight-knit charitable community.

The Design Advocate of r é n and Creative Director and Partner at HATO, Jackson Lam, added, “Those in need can rely on r é n for support; and to those who want to help, a platform to make a difference. And we are so proud to be a part of a thread that connects all of us in our shared humanity.”

The first dinner “The Thread That Connects People” hosted on the 23 February, will be providing a three-course meal prepared by their guest chefs, Uwe Opocensky, Sheldon Fonseca, and Joanna Yuen. Additionally, the finest wine from Crown Wine Cellars will be served during the evening.

“It is happier to give than to take. The joy of taking only lasts a day, but the joy of giving lasts a lifetime,” said Uwe Opocensky, the Chef Advocate of r é n and the Executive Chef at Island Shangri-La.

The funds raised through their designated campaign will be allocated to bring wider reform and create a greater impact for underserved communities in Hong Kong.

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