In a special eco-Christmas initiative by Starstreet Precinct, visitors will be invited to recycle to plant a tree in an interactive “Recycle Your Bottles” programme. Submitted bottles will be upcycled into festive Christmas decorations, to be unveiled later this year. 

Starstreet Precinct is bringing a new green initiative to the neighbourhood with their “Recycle Your Bottles” programme. Residents and visitors are encouraged to take part in an interactive 4-step programme that will enable them to plant a tree for recycling a plastic bottle. Even better, recycled bottles will later be upcycled into Christmas decorations that will be featured in the district later this year.

Have you ever thought of giving a new life to your used plastic bottles? With its continued efforts to promote eco-friendly initiatives, Starstreet Precinct is offering a “Recycle Your Bottles” initiative to collect recyclable plastic bottles and use them for building the Christmas decorations, while as a token of appreciation, a new tree will be planted on behalf of you.

starstreet recycle bottles_Recycle Your Bottles to Plant a Tree at Starstreet Precinct

Kicking off the programme on Monday, the 20th of June, 2022, Starstreet Precinct has installed 16 PET plastic bottle recycle points within Admiralty and Wan Chai.

Upon completing the four-step recycling programme, the EcoMatcher’s Global Forest Programme will reward participants with a tree planted on their behalf in a forest in Nepal. On the EcoMatcher platform, your tree’s growth progress can be tracked, can even be named, and other information can be accessed such as its species and carbon sequestration.

Through an interactive experience, this new programme hopes to engage the public and educate them on the direct impact of their actions, encouraging them to cherish our environment.

To create the special Christmas decorations from the recycled bottles, Starstreet Precinct is partnering with Hong Kong-based New Life Plastics, a joint venture between Baguio, ALBA, and Swire Coca-Cola, to process the collected PET bottles at its state-of-the-art EcoPark facility in Tuen Mun, where they will be turned into plastic flakes to be upcycled.

Be sure to visit Starstreet District to lend a hand to the environment this June, and come back later this year to appreciate the community’s joint effort in a dazzling Christmas display!

starstreet recycle bottles_Recycle Your Bottles to Plant a Tree at Starstreet Precinct

A list of the 16 designated recycling spots can be found here.

Participants should ensure all bottles are emptied, cleaned, and dried before recycling.


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