On a warm winter evening, nothing beats an outdoor screening of a Hollywood classic whilst sipping on Prosecco under the stars at Hive’s rooftop cinema.


If asked to describe how rooftops make us feel, the three words that come to mind are most likely to be: relaxing, spectacular view as the sun sets and an experience to remember. When encountering the Hive Rooftop for the first time, these words are never far from the lips of new guests. That’s why it seems perfect that we brought Open Air Cinema Club to Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore – to deliver a one-night break away from work, life, family and stress for a two-hour long film screening amongst the city lights.


With the only audible sound coming from a pair of speakers and the cars on the road, this recluse is almost a solitary and meditative escape from the day’s tiresome demand for your concentration and time. So join us at Open Air Cinema Club for monthly movie screenings on our rooftop, and let us transport you to a different world.

Click on the links below to find out the December schedule for each location:
Hong Kong



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