Taiwan-based RetailTech company, Rosetta AI, specialising in fashion e-commerce personalisation, has successfully concluded its pre-A plus round, achieving US$2.2 million from the 500 Global Flagship Fund.

Taiwanese retail technology startup Rosetta AI provides personalised e-commerce solutions for fashion and beauty brands across Asia. The company completed its latest Pre-A plus financing round receiving US$2.2 million from the 500 Global Flagship Fund, backed by BroadVision, alongside additional investments from Artesian VC, Angel To Venture Accelerator, Loyal VC, and more. The recent funding raised its total capital procured to US$4.6 million.

The industry innovator has disclosed its plans to scale its platform across the region, develop and streamline its fashion-optimised personalisation offerings, while aiding its expansion into new markets, including the United States, as well as Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

Specialising in personalised fashion e-commerce solutions, the platform integrates its data and AI tech to identify the changing consumer demands, while optimising and streamlining a brand’s website accordingly, to better accommodate their customer needs. It further enables companies to revamp their order valuation and conversion rates.

Taiwanese Startup Rosetta AI


Rosetta AI attended the 500 Global’s Fall 2022 Demo Day held last September, hosted by US-based venture capital firm, 500 Global, where the CEO Daniel Huang delivered their newest pitch deck. Praised for its groundbreaking innovation in the fashion realm, the company’s cutting-edge AI capabilities had a strong appeal, drawing the interest of many investors and other participating companies.

The lead investor of the Pre-A round & founder of BroadVision, Dr. Pehong Chen, commented, “Rosetta AI solutions provide real growth for e-commerce merchants in Asia. We have taken notice and now the time has come to expand worldwide.”

Rosetta AI’s highly-optimised and personalised solution is adopted by over 2500 retail stores across Asia, propelling a gross merchandise volume (GMV) of US$3.5 million, with annual recurring revenue (ARR) of US$3.4 million. Its product integration promotes a growth rate of up to 200%.

Rosetta AI’s CEO Daniel Huang, added, “As we look to the global market we are confident that our proprietary AI algorithms will continue to improve, along with our customer and brand relationships. Our goal remains the same: to amplify revenue for fashion retailers.”

Taiwanese Startup Rosetta AI


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