The Singapore Deep-Tech Alliance introduces renewed venture tracks and a Senior Advisory Board to address societal challenges through DeepTech ventures. 

The Singapore Deep-Tech Alliance (SDTA), a venture builder with a sustainability focus, announced the launch of its revamped venture building programme for the third cohort at Sustainable Innovation Asia 2023, organised alongside Dentsu Singapore. 

Sustainable Innovation Asia aims to bring together stakeholders from the public and private sectors to accelerate sustainable development through DeepTech solutions. Alliance partners, founders, and thought-leaders within the DeepTech venture ecosystem joined the event to generate new ideas and gain valuable insights.

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The SDTA’s nine-month venture building programme for the SDTA24 Cohort is structured into three phases encompassing founder team formation, technology commercialisation, customer validation, product development, and business building. Participating ventures will benefit from mentorship by SDTA’s Senior Advisory Board, access to key Alliance partners, and collaboration models tailored to specific venture tracks. This will provide ventures with a vibrant ecosystem, connections to research institutions, and guidance from industry experts for proof-of-concept project scoping and business-building activities.

To address societal challenges, SDTA is launching new venture tracks—Manufacturing, Semiconductor, Healthcare, and Energy verticals—with ClimateTech spanning across all four. This initiative aims to enhance partnerships with entrepreneurs within these tracks and deepen their understanding of industry needs, best practices, and competitive advantages.

In conjunction with the new venture tracks, SDTA has introduced a Senior Advisory Board comprising experienced leaders who will provide strategic insights, networking opportunities, and thought-leadership perspectives to future cohorts.

SDTA will also introduce four collaboration models with their partners to facilitate tangible and results-driven collaborations. These models include New Venture Creation, Joint Go-to-Market, Be the Exclusive Launch Customer, and IP Licensing. Through these models, ventures can leverage technology, business expertise, and industry know-how to accelerate their innovation and growth strategies. SDTA ventures will also have the opportunity to receive investment from Alliance Partners and guidance throughout the process of taking advanced technologies from the lab to the market.

SDTA has expanded its network in 2023, with new partners joining such as Allnex, Dentsu Singapore, Micron Technology, Norgren, Zuellig Pharma, and Panasonic R&D Center Singapore. SDTA has already established partnerships with TÜV SÜD, OMRON, Lenovo, Avnet, and Sunningdale Technologies. Corporations interested in collaborating across the new SDTA24 venture tracks are encouraged to join as Alliance Partners and adopt one of the collaboration models.

Entrepreneurs passionate about ClimateTech can submit their applications by August 1, 2023, to be part of the SDTA24 Cohort. 

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