Shopping for a specific dish has never been this easy! We have compiled a list of the best spots to snatch up ingredients and snacks from that specific cuisine you are craving. Here are the top specialty food stores in Hong Kong. 

Whether you are looking to try your hand at a Thai recipe, or want to prepare a romantic Italian date night at home, Hong Kong is home to an incredibly diverse culinary culture. Whatever your craving, it is most likely accessible and easily searchable in the city. Besides restaurants, Hong Kong boasts an extensive collection of specialty food stores from all over the world. Explore these international grocers and discover your new favourite cuisine!

Cheong Thai Supermarket 

Located in Hong Kong’s very own “Little Thailand,” Cheong Thai Supermarket has been a Thai grocery staple since the 1970s, supplying several Thai restaurants due to the freshness and quality of its wares. Cheong Thai receives a fresh shipment every week directly from Thailand, to guarantee this, and also sells prepared foods, such as cut fruits and Thai desserts. 

Insider Tip: Try the khanom chan (layered coconut sweet). 

Address: G/F, 25-29 Kai Tak Road, Kowloon City

Open From: Sun: 12pm-7.30pm; Tues: 10am-5.30; Mon, Wed-Sat: 10am-7.30pm

Indo Market

With over 150,000 Indonesians living in Hong Kong, Indo Market is well-established in Hong Kong with over 20 branches, making it one of the largest specialty chain stores in the city. Each store is easily recognisable by its yellow exterior and palm tree logo. Inside, visitors will find an array of the best Indonesian treats and ingredients, from tempeh and emping, to Indo skincare products. 

Insider Tip: Select locations, including Indo Market Causeway Bay, also provide ready-to-eat meals. If you find yourself coming back for more, join their membership programme for a discount!

Address: 19 Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay (click here for other locations)

Open From: Mon-Sat: 9.30am-8.30pm, Sun: 8am-9pm

indo market cwb_hong kong's specialty food stores

LetPacific Food 

LetPacific Food is one of Hong Kong’s many Halal stores, offering groceries imported from Turkey. Located in Kwai Chung, the store’s array of olive oils and Turkish cheeses leave little to be desired. Most of LetPacific’s inventory can be purchased online as well, but visit in person to take advantage of promotional items and special deals!

Insider Tip: Be sure to follow LetPacific Food on Facebook for updates on incoming deliveries of fresh goods and recipes that include ingredients found at the store. 

Address: Flat B1, 5/F Yip Fung Industrial Bldg., 28-36 Kwai Fung Crescent, Kwai Chung, N.T.

Open From: Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm; Sat-Sun: 9am-1pm


Le Quinze Vins (LQV) has several locations on Hong Kong island, each with a different specialty. Visit La Cave for all of your wine needs, La Boucherie for meats, La Cremerie for cheese, and l’Épicerie for other French delicatessen. LQV originated as a wine bar straight out of Paris, with three locations in Hong Kong, and one in Singapore. In total, LQV has seven spots around Hong Kong, to meet all of your French grocery needs. 

Insider Tip: Ask the butchers and fromagers for their recommendations – their expert advice is invaluable to the French food novice and amateur wine pairer. 

Address: 4 Swatow Street, Wanchai (click here for other locations)

Open From: Mon-Fri: 11am-9pm, Sat: 10am-9pm, Sun: 12pm-9pm

wine_Guide to Hk's specialty food stores


Meat The Sea 

Meat The Sea might not outwardly advertise itself as such, but the real treasures at this establishment are the Dutch specialties they sell. Remember to pick up the chocomel (iconic Dutch chocolate milk), rolmops (pickled herring bites), kaassouffle (beloved Dutch cheese pockets), and of course Venco dubbelzout (extra salty liquorice). 

Insider Tip: Meat The Sea’s Hollywood Road location just closed, but you can still get your fix of Dutch fare at 238 Restaurant or at their original Queen’s Road location. Make sure to order the bitterballen (fried Dutch meatball)!

Address: 88 Queen’s Road West, G/F, Sheung Wan

Open From: Mon-Sun: 9am-9pm

rollmops_specialty stores hong kong

Mercato Gourmet 

“Siamo quello che mangiamo,” meaning, “we are what we eat,” the Mercato Gourmet webpage proclaims, and considering the selection of fine Italian specialty eats this establishment has to offer, it is evident that they uphold this sentiment one hundred percent. Mercato Gourmet delivers products directly from small producers in Italy while staying sustainability-minded. 

Insider Tip: Do you have any friends or family currently in quarantine? Send them a signature Mercato Gourmet care package to ease their stay, complete with a delightful selection of Italian cheeses and cold cuts, cantucci (biscotti), and farro cereal. 

Address: G/F Fleet Arcade, Fenwick Pier, 1 Lung King Street, Wanchai

Open From: Sun-Thurs: 10am-8pm; 9.30pm-8.30pm

mercato_specialty food store hong kong


New World Mart 

Offering a wide range of Korean groceries and products, most New World Mart locations can only be found on Hong Kong’s Kowloon side, with a few specialised locations on the island side. O’taste is a ‘meal to go’ market that offers traditional Korean lunch boxes and other ready-made food options. New World Mart’s other curated stores include Chef & Taste, Banchan, and Kimchi Factory

Insider Tip: New World Mart has recently launched Body & Me, a Korean health specialty store, for all Korean skincare needs. 

Address: G/F, 5 Kimberley Street, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon (click here for other locations)

Open From: Mon-Sat: 10am-9pm, Sun: closed

Star Mart

Star Mart first opened in 2010 in Tsim Sha Tsui, and has since expanded to seven locations in Hong Kong, and one in Macau. Their mission is simple: “bring the iconic tastes of Indian and South Asian food to the palate of Hong Kong and Macau.” Next time you are craving Indian food, skip the takeout, head to Star Mart, and pick up some fresh ingredients to cook up a delicious feast at home. 

Insider Tip: Star Mart has great offers to buy in bulk, whether it be 10 litres of ghee or 6kg of onions. 

Address: C2, G/F, Hang Fung Industrial Building, Phase 2, 2G Hok Yuen Street, Hung Hom (click here for other locations)

Open From: Mon-Sat: 8.30am-9.30pm, Sun: 10am-8pm

star mart_specialty food stores Hong Kong



There are many Japanese specialty food store options in Hong Kong, most notably Don Don Donki, with its memorable jingle and eye-catching exterior. Offering a more traditional selection of Japanese products, YATA has thirteen different locations across Hong Kong- three department stores, nine supermarkets, and one konbini (convenience store). YATA is sure to have what you are looking for, from Japanese produce, to baked goods, to ready-made food items. 

Insider Tip: Yata’s website provides follow-along recipe videos, using ingredients you can buy in their stores!

Address: L1 & 2, New Town Plaza 3, 2 Shatin Centre Street, Shatin (click here for other locations)

Open From: Mon-Sun: 10am-10pm

yata_specialty stores in Hong Kong

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