As consumers become more conscious of their environmental and social impact, sustainable fashion brands have gained momentum worldwide. Taiwan is no exception, with many designers prioritising eco-friendly materials and ethical production. Support these sustainable fashion brands in Taiwan to make a positive impact and promote conscious consumerism. 

As the fashion industry continues to evolve, sustainability has become an increasingly important issue, with many consumers now prioritising ethical and environmentally-conscious practices. In Taiwan, there are a number of sustainable fashion brands that are leading this movement. From using eco-friendly materials to implementing fair labour practices, these brands are making a positive impact on the fashion industry. 

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FYNE is a sustainable fashion brand based in Taiwan dedicated to providing simple and comfortable clothing suitable for everyday wear while taking care of the earth and promoting a circular economy. Established in 2021, FYNE’s ultimate goal is zero waste, and the brand is led by a professional design team committed to researching and developing regenerative production technology.

The brand firmly believes that environmental protection and style are not mutually exclusive and strives to create clothing that is both sustainable and beautiful. 

The “RE-FYNE” series is a fundamental part of the brand’s commitment to sustainability. All items in the collection can be disassembled and remanufactured, achieving a 100% recyclable, and 0% waste model. FYNE also offers a recycling service for other brands’ clothing, giving difficult-to-decompose chemical fibres the opportunity to create value in different ways and reduce the burden on the environment.

FYNE’s internationally renowned fabric research and development team creates high-quality fabrics by re-dismantling PET bottles and waste clothes. This process not only gives new life to clothes but also saves 70% of water consumption, 50% of carbon footprint, and other pollution sources. 

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Combining its founders’ initials, Vii and Mei, Voome creates cruelty-free products that are not only chic, but also eco-friendly. The brand’s designs are simple and free, without any limits, and use vegan leather. Voome is one of the few vegan brands in Taiwan to be certified by PETA, highlighting its dedication to ethical and sustainable practices. 

Through its creative foundry, Voome Lab, companies and individuals can customise gifts or unique products according to demand with Voome’s pineapple leather PANEX® exclusively developed by its own material brand NUPELLE® as one of the material choices available.



Vegan7 focuses on the fundamental principles of love, respect, and compassion for all beings. Their vision is to create a 100% vegan planet where every life is valued and respected.

The brand firmly believes that animal-based products such as leather bags, shoes, and clothes are not just commodities but represent the passing of a precious life. Choosing to wear vegan products may seem like a small act of kindness, but it generates great power when brought together. The goal of Vegan7 is to create a new era of civilisation that is macroscopic, advanced, fashionable, and non-violent.



Twine is a sustainable lifestyle brand that focuses on fair trade practices and eco-friendly production. Their team values the rights of humans and is dedicated to addressing environmental issues, believing that design and responsible consumption can help solve social and environmental problems. The brand’s mission is to be a reliable partner for sustainable design for responsible consumers. Its vision is to become one of the Asia Pacific region’s most influential sustainable lifestyle brands in the next decade.

Twine has worked with about 30 fair trade certified producers’ groups in 8 countries, and they design their products according to their traditional skills and the market’s needs. They also prioritise working with organisations that empower women workers. 

The brand uses eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, wool, jute, and natural or azo-free dyes. They also use recycled materials such as rice bags, cement bags, recycled saree fabrics, recycled glass, and recycled metals. 

Twine became a WFTO Guarantee Fair Trade member in 2015 and receiving the Fairtrade Cotton logo for organic cotton underwear and babywear in 2016. In 2017, they were certified for Mepo 1% of the Benefit. Twine is also in the process of becoming a member of Climate Neutral and growing fashion activism movement Fashion Revolution Taiwan.

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Koup is a sustainable fashion brand based in Taiwan, founded in 2019 to create performance clothing without compromising sustainability. After witnessing firsthand the textile industry’s damaging effect on the planet, Co-founder Brian Chuang wanted to make a difference. The name “Koup” was inspired by the French phrase “coup d’etat,” meaning a change in the status quo.

Koup’s signature cinnamon t-shirt is made from recycled plastic bottles and cinnamon extract. The recycled bottles are used to reduce single-use plastic waste, and the cinnamon extract is added for its natural anti-odour performance and to extend the lifetime of the t-shirt. Koup uses non-chemical and natural ingredients for product performance, avoiding harmful and short-lasting chemicals that can pollute the environment.

Sustainability is a non-negotiable value for Koup, and they have checkpoints at every stage of their product development cycle to ensure that their products are eco-friendly. Koup insists on using recycled materials wherever possible and works with manufacturing partners who comply with internationally recognised standards such as the GRS standard for recycled polyester, Oeko-tex approval for yarn production, Bluesign approval for fabric production, and WRAP compliance for garment production.



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