Take a ride on the green side! Here are Hive Life’s picks of the 6 green podcasts to help you lead the sustainability scene and go green.

Zero Waste Money

Hosted by Jonathan JK, Zero Waste Money focuses on how saving money can equate to saving the environment, hence living a zero-waste lifestyle with a frequency of two new podcasts a month. With the mantra, “If our finances are healthier by our actions, then so is the environment,” the podcast provides you with tips on how to save better and better the world at the same time.

Available on: Spotify, iTunes

Talking Tastebuds

A series about food, wellbeing and the planet – Talking Tastebuds is a weekly interview series hosted by Venetia La Manna. As BBC Radio 1’s Sustainability Expert and one of the top Eco-Influencers from Vogue online, the climate activist interviews inspiring guests covering a wide range of subjects from intuitive eating to slow fashion and beyond.

Available on: ACast, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Player FM, Listen Notes, Radio UK

Sustainability Podcasts Zero Waste Money Talking Tastebuds

Conscious Chatter

A conscious fashion expert, Kestrel Jenkins talks about how what we choose to wear has a strong impact on the environment. Using Conscious Chatter as a platform to bring over guests who talk all things fashion, sustainability and style, Kestrel gets real about where our clothes are made, and the true cost behind them. Looking to support the future of the garment industry? Get listening!

Available on: Spotify, iTunes, Conscious Chatter website


Best friends and environmental experts Ol and Dave started Sustainababble back in 2015 as a weekly podcast regarding the environment. With the motto of staying chipper in the face of an ecological disaster, Sustainababble dissects everything from wildfires to floods and even electric cars with the aim of combating confusion.

Available on: iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Acast, Sustainababble website

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Green Podcasts Conscious Chatter Sustainababble

The Energy Gang

A weekly release, The Energy Gang gets personal about the relationship between Cleantech and our environment. Environmental enthusiasts Stephen Lacey, Katherine Hamilton and Jigar Shah bring in guests from the green-tech world to talk about environmental technology and politics.

Available on: Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, RSS Feed

Zero Waste Life Hacks

On the road to zero waste but not sure where to start? Sofia Ratcovich started Zero Waste Life Hacks with the mission of providing easy solutions to huge problems. From travel to food to shopping, she talks about the small adjustments you can make to your daily purchases that will benefit both you and the environment in both the short and long-run.

Available on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts

Green Podcasts The Energy Gang Zero Waste Life Hacks Podcast


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