Taiwan’s vibrant cultural hub, Taipei, welcomes an exciting lineup of annual festivals and thrilling adventures to beat the sweltering heat! Brace yourself for a refreshing summer experience with Hive Life’s guide to the must-visit summer 2022 events to explore in Taipei. 

Taiwan is celebrated for hosting many vibrant festivities, and this summer is no exception! Reacquaint yourself with Taipei and even get introduced ​​to the phenomenal range of events coming up this season, from cutting-edge cultural festivals and local trade markets, to mindful yoga sessions, to must-see art events! If you are looking to make meaningful memories this summer, the city will not disappoint. 

Gather your friends and family to explore the events Taipei has to offer, with Hive Life’s guide that will take you through local entertainment, cultural festivals, and all of the extraordinary things happening this summer! 

Summer 2022 Events in Taipei_Taiwan_Tipsy Summer of Art and Wine Tasting


Festivals and Markets 

2022 Taipei Traditional Market Festival

Taiwan’s annual Taipei Traditional Market Festival returns this summer, introducing many new speciality stalls from the local vendors. Experience the authentic culture and taste of the city’s traditional marketplace with a splendid range of delicious food and drinks. The market is one of the best locations to explore and try affordable delights, offering amazing deals including local favourite braised treats, fresh produce, dried goods, and delectable snacks. 

Date: Till 31 July 

Location: Expo Park Promenade Plaza 

Price: Free 


Summer 2022 Events in Taipei_2022 Taipei Traditional Market Festival


2022 Taipei Arts Festival

The 2022 Taipei Arts Festival marks a blissful occasion for any art enthusiast, a gathering spot for local and international artists, memorialising Taipei’s multiculturalism. The festival features enriching performances and art education programmes through various interdisciplinary collaborations, including the upcoming integrative shows – Guiqiu Guishan “I don’t know the boundaries, I don’t know the so-called events,” Lin Yijin “Sleepwalking,” and more unique creative explorations.  

Date: 1 July – 30 September

Location: Various locations 

Price: Free, additional pricing for select activities


Summer 2022 Events in Taipei_2022 Taipei Arts Festival


2022 Taipei Water Festival

Kickstart your summer vacation with an action-packed day at the spectacular Taipei Water Park’s Taipei Water Festival and beat the blazing heat in a refreshing getaway with your friends and family. Enjoy the splashy water rides, new water attractions, environmental education fair, and more similarly captivating leisure activities. 

Take some time out to explore other specialities at the venue, including its Kuanying Hill Hiking Area, a picturesque spot for a gratifying picnic experience, along with the Pipe Sculpture Area, and the historically enlightening Museum of Drinking Water

Date: 7 July – 28 August 

Location: NO.1, Siyuan St., Zhongzheng Dist., (Taipei Water Park), Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City Taiwan

Price: $40 – $80


Summer 2022 Events in Taipei_Taiwan_2022 Taipei Water Festival


Taipei Valentine’s Day

Taipei is celebrating Chinese Valentine’s Day with plenty of festivities for you to revel in with your love interests! Held annually at the Dadacheng Wharf, the pier is known for its year-round display of breathtaking fireworks set over the Tamsui River. Taipei Valentine’s Day is expected to feature illuminating ​​pyrotechnics to brighten up the celebrations. Alongside its long list of exclusive creative performances, the event spotlights emerging artists and singers to set a romantic tone for the evening. 

Date: 30 July 

Location: Flood Gate 3-5, Yanping Riverside Park, Datong Dist., Taipei City Taiwan

Price: Free


Summer 2022 Events in Taipei_Taipei Valentine's Day



Hart Lazer – Advanced Asana 

Exhausted from the heatwave and in search of a rejuvenating experience? Professional yoga teacher, Hart Lazer, is back for an Advanced Asana Deep Study course offering practitioners a chance to acquire deeper knowledge and understanding of the practice. Recentre yourself through invigorating asanas, with a purposeful stride, as Hart introduces ways to improve various types of advanced exercise, manoeuvre safety while practising, and plan restorative asanas to cool off at the end of the session, and other essentials to the routines. 

Upon successful completion, yoga practitioners will receive the Yoga Alliance CE certification for 50 hours. 

Date: 18-12, 15-9 August  

Location: 16F, #27, An-Ho Road, Section 1, Taipei 106, Taiwan  

Price: $54,000 for full course (Additional pricing)


Summer 2022 Events in Taipei_Taiwan_Hart Lazer_Advanced Asana


Art Exhibition 

Ishiuchi Miyako Exhibition

A quaint and curious space to explore art, Each Modern is a gallery dedicated to contemporary Asian artists, presenting Ishiuchi Miyako’s first solo exhibition in Taiwan this summer, displaying some of her significant works from the postwar era. Ishiuchi grew up witnessing and documenting the Second World War in Japan through her unique photography, and soon earned the reputation as a prominent name valued in the Asian art community. 

Capturing the golden age of Japanese photography, the exhibit will feature her prolific imagery series, with her firsthand narration of the war encounters from her women-centric point of view. 

Date: Till 30 July 

Location: 38, Lane 79, Sec.2 Xinyi Road, Taipei, Taiwan

Price: Free 


Summer 2022 Events in Taipei_Taiwan_Ishiuchi Miyako Exhibition



Nigel Ng The Haiyaa World Tour 

Get ready to laugh the night away at a splendid evening full of hilarious anecdotes and merciless banter with overnight sensation, Nigel Ng. The Malaysian standup comedian and content creator based in London announced his Nigel Ng The Haiyaa World Tour early this year, and will be making a grand comic appearance in Taipei, for the first time ever! 

Meet the persona behind the hysterical Uncle Roger, viral for his BBC egg fried rice recipe critique, and get a chance to witness his alter ego in action! Laugh alongside the renowned comic, as he bridges the humour gap between the east and west, promising a worthwhile comedic experience.  

Date: 23 August 

Location: 8/F, No. 3, Sec. 4, New Taipei Blvd., Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan

Price: $2,100- $2,400


Summer 2022 Events in Taipei_Taiwan_Nigel Ng The Haiyaa World Tour



Tipsy Summer of Art and Wine Tasting

Explore the finest signature wines from Spain’s famous winemaking regions this summer. Gather your loved ones for a refreshing escapade at The Studio, the quintessential space for divulging in food, art, and culture, where the upcoming Tipsy Summer of Art and Wine Tasting will be hosted. Expect to be transported to Spain with their exclusive selection of wines, introduced to you by the La Copa Oscura, featuring four special selections- from the aromatic and acidic Clarete 2019 – Pale Pink, to the intense yet elegant Gran Caus Negre 2011, these Spanish wines will definitely surprise you. 

Date: 9 July 

Location: 2F, No. 142, Section 3, Bade Road, Songshan District, Taipei City

Price: $700- $1,200




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