Experience the local Thailand lifestyle with Choompon Akkapantanon, an artist who creates artwork in his 100 years old house near Klong Bang Luang Banks for almost 100 years.

With over 100 years old history, artist Choompon Akkapantanon aged 52, restored his wooden Manila-style home located at Klong Bang Luang Banks. His home fully represents how Thai people lived before the concrete jungle intruded Bangkok.

As a writer, creator and fixer, Choompon is eager to spread his strong visions by using art to people who visit his home. A sign at the entrance reads “Home exists because people live,” referring to his idea of converting his home into a museum without expecting entrance fees.

The space consists include a coffee shop, an art gallery, riverside bench to relax and art classes like painting tables with different shades of acrylic provided and paper mache classes. . If you walk upstairs, the gallery displays intricate drawing pieces made by Choompon himself. At 2 pm, everyone gathers at the long leather bench in front of Wat Kampang Chedi to watch one of the rarest puppet shows; filling the room with laughter whilst long-tail boats roll by.

To explore more of Thai authenticity, you can also apply for traditional puppeteers and pantomime course for only 1 dollar a time. “Many of children around here were born with limited opportunity. It’s impossible for them to afford a thousand Baht course. We just want to pass along the art to anyone interested.”

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