Unlike the typical theatre show with fixed seats and a static stage, be a part of the mystery production at Secret Theatre Project as you’re thrown into an unknown location- all you know is just a few leaked hints, a secret set of instruction and a dress code.

In 2015, Secret Theatre held its first show in Hong Kong titled SE7EN Deadly Sins. On the night of the show, audiences were welcomed onto a boat where they sat down and enjoyed beverages to the light, melodic rhythm of 1920s jazz. All of a sudden, a man sprawls up from seemingly nowhere drenched in blood leaving the audience shocked and astonished. Subsequently, the show moved its location to a haunted mansion to which we hear of a murderer. A high-speed manic speedboat chase follows up after, inciting a crazed rush that even satisfies the craziest of adrenaline junkies.

This year, the studio is back for the third time with another secret location show titled Project Mayhem. Taking on an interactive adaptation of a modern film, the show centralises on fraternities, violence, and fierce psychological warfare to immerse the audience in an intense and gripping show. Project Mayhem will in its entirety, submerge its guests in an enthralling and exclusive performance where the actors and the audience essentially become one, striding through the plot line and experiencing surprising encounters as the show unravels bit by bit. Audiences are allowed one piece of information beforehand though – “Are you a lover, or are you a fighter? Because it will matter here.”

Secret Theatre founder, Richard Crawford highlights, “This new show portrays a very interesting journey in a very different part of time. We think it should be a really cool ride.”

The location and concept of the show is kept a secret from the audience until a ticket is bought. Upon purchasing a ticket online, the guest will receive a secret set of instructions along with a password, an invitation, and a dress code. Hints to the genre, mood, and setting are occasionally dropped on Secret Theatre’s social media feed. As part of the immersive experience, the audience is given a physical role to play during the show.

Crawford’s imaginative yet divergent impulses are no better conveyed than through the upcoming Project Mayhem show in Hong Kong. By staying true to his inspirations and his love for directing, Crawford places himself amongst the audience and crafts each show with great precision, making sure his audience is completely engulfed with the actors and storyline.

Read the full interview with Crawford here.

Ticket Prices
HKD $850 Early Bird Evening Tickets
HKD $850 Early Bird Matinee Tickets


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