Do you have the passcode to enter one of Singapore’s best hidden bars? If you can, that is The Library, situated at Keong Seik Road is one of the pioneer speakeasy bars in Singapore.

Could this bar be the reason why parents never fail to shoot suspicious looks when their children check in with them that they are studying at The Library? Well, we can’t blame them with such an innocent bar name to cover up a potential wild night. Jokes aside (Disclaimer: Libraries generally close after 9 pm), The Library, situated at Keong Seik Road is one of the pioneer speakeasy bars in Singapore.


The Library has recently taken over the space of its sister company, The Study while retaining the essence of the bar by keeping the environment dimly lit and entrance mysterious during the renovation. A few peeks through the window would not suffice to discover the magic behind it – you have to be in it to experience and indulge in the goodness of it.

Serving delicious comfort food with a twist, customers can expect mouthwatering beef cheek bao and kimchi hot dogs accompanied with the new cocktail menu. To simplify the decision-making process, the extensive drinks menu is split into 3 categories: Strong and Dangerous, Sexy and Tropical and Crazy and Sophisticated to cater to everyone.


The fun of selection of drinks go beyond the thoughtful profiles and interesting mix. As a tribute to the formal red light district on Keong Saik Road, The Library went the extra mile to design the drinks menu in a way that it needs to be read through a red-tinted filter.

Keep a lookout for unique elements of the bar, The Library, in collaboration with Eu Yan Seng, has whipped up 5 cocktails with a brief touch of the traditional herbs and spices. Perfect for adventurous people that want something different, or well, judging from the name of this cocktail and its ingredients, we suppose it can pass off as a healthier option too.

For those who are unsure, The Library has prepared an interactive app with a drinking personality test comes in handy in deciding which herbal cocktail to go for.

To enter the bar, you have to do your “homework” first. There is a new passcode released every Monday, so snoop around their social media pages to find it. However, not all hope is lost for those who have slightly weaker detective skills. Simply play a game outside of the bar to get your access granted.



Address:39 Campbell Lane, Singapore 209911
Tel: +65 6297 7969

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