In the midst of the world’s largest working-from-home experiment, these 7 work from home tips might help keep your productivity up at home.

With no commute, no dress code and no one to answer to, it’s unsurprising that so many view working-from-home as the dream. However, the reality of it can take some adjustment. Fortunately, we at Hive Life have all been there. So here’s our round-up of the most effective tried and tested work from home tips to help you work as efficiently as possible, even at home. 

Create A Morning Routine

A simple way to keep yourself in check is to maintain your regular morning routine even when working remotely. It can be tempting to slack off when afforded the extra freedom. When your desk is only ten steps away, it’s easy to convince yourself that sleeping in for an extra hour couldn’t hurt…right? In reality, it’s important to create – and stick to – a structured morning routine in order to optimise your productivity. The first hour of the day is crucial in setting the tone for a productive day, and getting ready for work as you normally would (e.g. getting dressed, taking a shower) can send a signal to your brain that it’s time to shift from resting to working mode. 

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Create A Dedicated Workspace

If you’re new to the work-from-home lifestyle, it may seem like an impossible task to stay on track and remain productive given all the distractions. Without a designated workspace, you can quickly find yourself sprawled on the couch, remote in hand, with barely any work done. Creating and redesigning your workspace can mentally prepare you to snap into working mode, ensuring that you’re just as productive and efficient at home as when you’re in the office. 

Keep Your Home and Work Life Separate 

When the line between your home and work life begins to blur, it can be a slippery slope. With devices that allow you to be reached with the press of a button, you can find yourself on call even outside of work hours, making it easy to slip into patterns of overwork. On the other hand, distractions from within your home can hinder you from working effectively. Keeping your work and home life separate can help to shift your state of mind and put your brain into productivity gear.

One of the most important work from home tips involves setting strict boundaries to prevent your work life from spilling into your home life. Allocate hours for focused work and inform your team so they know when you can be contacted. Establish rules with family members; have a closed-door policy to prevent them from barging in and derailing your productivity. If you have children or pets that demand your attention, arrange for a caretaker to look after them during your work hours. Make sure to set boundaries for yourself, too; allocate time for breaks and refrain from working during that time. 

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Stay Organised

With the added flexibility of working from the comfort of your home comes countless distractions and the temptation to procrastinate, making it challenging to stay focused on your work. With instant access to distractions like social media and no one around to answer to, it’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole when working at home. It is important to stay disciplined and organised in order to work effectively and optimise your output. Read our detailed guide on helping you stay on top of your game while working remotely for our top tips.

Prioritise Communication

The key to working effectively lies in corresponding clearly with your boss and colleagues. With remote work, it can be easy to neglect communication, especially if you’re not used to working outside of the office. While the newfound liberties of working from home can be freeing, it is important to stay connected to your teammates and manager to keep them updated on your work progress. Maintaining an open line of communication can help you to stay organised and build rapport within your team. Make sure to familiarise yourself with the communication tools being used by your company to ensure that you can be reached during your designated work hours. 

Remote Management 

Managing a team is enough of a challenge on its own, but when your entire team is telecommuting, it can be even more difficult to stay on track and motivate your employees. Although this process has been made easier with the help of technology like Zoom and Slack, managers play a large role in maintaining an open line of communication with their team and incentivising them to work effectively. While nobody wants to come off as being a micromanager, it is still important to check in with your team to ensure that progress is being made and that everyone is on the same page. 

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Manage Your Time with Productivity Tools

Learning to manage your time is a quintessential part of working from home. In an environment where self-discipline and accountability are key, the smallest distraction could throw off your entire schedule. Fortunately, there are many tools out there designed to help you make the most of your time. For instance, if you find yourself getting sidetracked on the Internet, you can download a distraction blocker like Freedom, which bars you from accessing distracting websites and apps that may hinder you from doing your work effectively. Click here to find a list of our favourite productivity tools. 

Avoid Cabin Fever

While the prospects of working from home might seem exciting at first, you can easily become demotivated when you’re stuck working in isolation between the same four walls day in and day out. That’s why it’s important to create a work-life balance that allows you to achieve the work that needs to get done while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As much as being away from noisy colleagues can feel like a relief at the beginning, it can get lonely working by yourself. With plenty of digital tools readily available at our fingertips, fortunately, keeping in contact with friends and coworkers is easier than ever. Taking the time to check-in and connect can be a welcomed break and can help to energise you for the rest of the day. 

Finally, it’s important to note that when you’re only a few steps away from the fridge, it’s common to find yourself craving highly processed junk foods. However, too much sugar only provides short-term energy boosts and leads to “crashes” that will most certainly leave you groggy and distracted. Instead, keeping a balanced and nutritious diet will help to ensure that you stay mentally sharp and prepared to work. While it can also be tempting to let yourself stay in bed all day, don’t let yourself become a couch potato. If you find yourself having to miss a couple of gym sessions, there are plenty of workout routines that can be done right at home. 

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Try Coworking

Finding it difficult to stay focused on your work, even with these work from home tips? A change of scenery could be helpful in jumpstarting your productivity. Coworking spaces such as the Hive could serve as the perfect middle-ground for working professionals to stay motivated. 


Ready to take your productivity to the next level?

Coworking spaces could serve as the perfect middle-ground for working professionals to stay motivated. Check out the Hive for flexible coworking memberships to suit your needs.

We are taking every precaution to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of all our staff and members. This includes daily hygiene practices, extra management of our cleaning measures, and monitoring the well-being and temperature of our team.


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