Unlimeat, a Korean plant-based meat brand, introduces a new sliced meat sandwich to select 7-Eleven locations across Hong Kong. The company is partnering with Green Common to accelerate expansion in Hong Kong and China. 

Leading Korean alternative meat brand, Unlimeat, is now offering vegan options in over 800 7-Elevens across Hong Kong. The latest roll-out the company has launched is the “Unlimeat sliced sandwich,” with a barbecue sauce flavour that was developed specifically to appeal to Hong Kongers’ taste preferences.

7-Eleven Hong Kong has been in the process of expanding its vegan options, recently introducing kimbap, onigiri and lunchbox meals without including any animal products. Green Hot Shot is another option for vegans in Hong Kong. It is a specialty convenience store connected with 7-Eleven that has recently started providing Unlimeat noodles at three different locations, along with other vegan specialties, including alternative milk tea and plant-based shaomai

Unlimeat Sandwich and Green hot shot 7 eleven hong kong


7-Eleven is not the only chain to introduce Unlimeat’s products in Hong Kong. The alternative meat brand started exporting their products to Hong Kong, mainland China, Australia, Vietnam and the US at the start of 2019 and since, several brands have started to use its products. Beloved sushi chain Genki Sushi has rolled out the “Unlimeat Sushi Roll” in 60 stores. Crystal Jade launched the “Unlimeat Coriander Egg White Soup” that has gained popularity among locals. 

At the time of its release in APAC, other renowned restaurants demonstrated the ability to use plant-based meat options for Asian dishes, as demonstrated by those with Unlimeat on their permanent menu. Unlimeat’s sliced meat was used in particular, and adjusted nicely to Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cuisines.

Unlimeat’s success across Asia, demonstrated by its 3rd place position at the Innovation Award of SIAL China 2021 in May, may also be attributed to the growing popularity of vegetarian and plant-based diets.

Unlimeat gimbab


A 2020 Green Monday survey showed that almost a quarter of Hong Kong’s population is “flexitarian.” In addition, Covid-19 has amplified people’s desire to live a healthier lifestyle. In response, more and more restaurants and supermarkets are providing vegetarian and vegan options.

OpenRice Biz, a food research and reviewing platform, published a consumer insight report demonstrating that the amount of searches for “vegetarian diet” increased 16% from August to September 2020 and 6% more the following month. 

Zikooin Company, the owners of Unlimeat, have signed a contract with Hong Kong-based vegan food distributor, Green Common, to expedite its expansion into the Hong Kong and Chinese markets.

Keum Chae Min, Zikooin CEO, stated “I agree with Green Common CEO David Yeung’s vision of creating a healthier Chinese dietary culture. The partnership will enable us to upgrade Unlimeat’s product lineup and expand our reach in Asia and the growing global Chinese food market”.

Unlimeat 7 eleven hong kong menu

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