For those looking for delicious and sustainable Vietnamese cuisine, Hive Life has got you covered with the must-try vegetarian and vegan spots in Saigon. 

Vietnamese food is known to be one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, brimming with vitamins and minerals, and low in calories. Viet cuisine is prepared with fresh ingredients, seasoned with herbs, and served with a side of veggies and fruits. This helps bring out unique flavours while keeping fat and calorie counts at bay. 

The vegan scene in Saigon is ever-growing, partly attributed to the prevalence of traditional Buddhist practices in the country. Whether you are shifting to a sustainable diet or simply curious, check out Hive Life’s guide to our favourite vegetarian and vegan eateries in Saigon. 

Saigon Vegetarian Spot_PREM Vegetarian Bistro


Best Vegan Spots in Saigon

Vị Quê Kitchen

Vị Quê Kitchen epitomises traditional Vietnamese cuisine with a unique take on classic flavours. Its wide variety of vegetarian dishes infuses mushrooms as its main ingredient, together with other delicious plant-based flavours. For an aromatic dish with a subtle kick yet smooth taste, try Vị Quê’s modern interpretation of traditional phở, or the crispy Mushroom Bánh Mì. The Kitchen promises to take you on a journey through the many diverse flavours of the region with their specially curated menu

Insider’s Tip: If visiting with a group, order Vị Quê’s must-have family platters, served with their famous termite mushrooms and spicy tamarind sauce.

Address: 110 Đường Sương Nguyệt Anh Phường Phạm Ngũ Lão Quận 1 Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 700000 Vietnam

Open From: 6:30am-10pm

Saigon Vegan Spot_Vị Quê Kitchen


Organik Kitchen Saigon

There is truly nothing better than a hot, cheesy slice of pizza- luckily for the vegan folks in the neighbourhood, you will not have to miss out on the fun! With its unique flavours, vibrant textures, and a great range of food, Organik Kitchen Saigon serves some of the best pizzas in town, the key ingredient being their housemade nut cheeses! All of their dishes are made from scratch with freshly sourced ingredients. The flat pizzas are not the only speciality, the Falafel Pita Sandwiches, Signature Pasta Pesto, not to mention their Vegan Pad Thai, and many others are among local favourites.

Insider’s Tip: Visit on a Sunday to try their unmissable Sunday brunch platter, serving a different variety of dishes every week. 

Address: 43 Nguyen Van Giai , Dakao, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Open From: Mon-Sat 11am-10pm; Sun 10am-10pm

Saigon Vegan Spot_Organik Kitchen Saigon


Wild Thyme 

Embodying Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences in their idyllic space and food, Wild Thyme is a fusion vegan diner, the first of its kind in Saigon. Prepare to be swept away with its diverse range of dishes bursting with many flavours, colours, and aromas, made with fresh locally sourced ingredients, spices, and more! The tapas-inspired restaurant offers more than just good food and vibes, its menu is packed with amazing dishes to try; from brunch specials to dinner exclusives, it is a melting pot of unique flavours.

Insider’s Tip: Reserve a table in advance for dinner to avoid rush hour, as Wild Thyme fills up quickly!

Address: 2 duong so 12, Thao Dien, Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Open From: Tues-Sun 8am-12am

Saigon Vegan Spot_Wild Thyme



Wellness, nutritious food, and uncompromising taste being their utmost priority, 100% vegan café Zerosim is committed to serving the most wholesome fusion deli foods and beverages. This modern concept has set the bar high for many eco-friendly restaurants in the neighbourhood. Its menu hosts a healthy selection of vegan dishes for you to pick, be it their delicious sourdough waffles or mouth-watering plant-based burgers, even their rich and scrumptious coffees, sweet and tangy yoghourt smoothies, and cream bowls, are all made with 100% nut milk. 

Insider’s Tip: For frequent visitors, you can join Zerosim’s loyalty programme to receive discounts for select items on the menu. 

Address: 50 Nguyen Cu, Thao Dien, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Open From: Mon-Sun 8am-9pm

Saigon Vegan Spot_Zerosim


Best Vegetarian Spots in Saigon

PREM Vegetarian Bistro

An interesting veggie-fusion concept, Prem Vegetarian Bistro’s diverse dining experience is inspired by being on the road and travelling, as each dish embodies exotic new flavours and fragrances from the east to the west. The menu offers a great variety of vegetarian options, from a hearty selection of Indian dals and aromatic curries, to homemade potato gnocchi, served with creamy veggie soups and vibrant salads of your choice. One cannot miss out on PREM’s customer favourite, the flavourful potato and kale enchiladas! 

Insider’s Tip: For vegan customers, inform the restaurant in advance and the chef can modify your order to suit your dietary needs!  

Address: Level 1, 204 Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, District 03, Saigon

Open From: Mon-Sat 10am-3pm, 5-10pm

Saigon Vegetarian Spot_PREM Vegetarian Bistro


Hum Vegetarian, Café & Restaurant

Known for its culinary creativity, refreshing taste, and tranquil atmosphere,  Hum Vegetarian, Café & Restaurant is the spot for vegans and vegetarians to relish the excellence of vegetarian Vietnamese food. All of its dishes are prepared in-house with the freshest ingredients and vegetables, incorporating beans, nuts, lotus flowers, and many fruits. Looking to change locals’ perception of vegetarianism, its vast vegetarian menu strikes a fine balance between traditional and experimental new flavours in their dishes, including aromatic herb hot pots, tofu-based rice dishes, and many more healthy infusions. 

Insider’s Tip: Try the combo set, and order Drink Delights alongside Food Delights to save up to 20% off your beverage bill. 

Address: 32 Võ Văn Tần, Phường 6, Quận 3, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 70000, Vietnam

Open From: Mon-Sat 10am-10pm

Saigon Vegetarian Spot_Hum Vegetarian, Café & Restaurant


Shamballa Vegetarian Restaurant 

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh, Shamballa Vegetarian Restaurant offers a deluxe and serene getaway with scrumptious Vietnamese delicacies. Head over to District 1 and treat your taste buds to a wide array of plant-based meals created with a healthy mix of authentic local ingredients and foreign garnishes. Start off your meal with the savoury, vegan, gluten and nut-free Barbequed Shimeji Mushrooms followed by the Magenta Leaf Fried Rice, with vibrant lavender coloured Jasmine rice dyed with magenta leaves, the dish not only fills your appetite but is Shamballa’s ultimate Instagrammable menu item. Do not forget to take in the view of Saigon’s skyline from Shamballa’s rooftop while sipping on a “Saigon by Night”!

Insider’s Tip: Try their recommended sets when travelling in groups of 2 or more to share and try the many a la carte items available. 

Address: 31 Lý Tự Trọng, Bến Nghé, Ward, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Open From: Mon-Sun 9am-10pm

Saigon Vegetarian Spot_Shamballa Vegetarian Restaurant


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