Cavi Chan and Danny Tang started their coffee drip bag brand, Powderlab, to bring Hokkaido’s coffee culture to Hong Kong with a dash of convenience.
New to the entrepreneur scene and based between Hong Kong and Hokkaido, Danny Tang and Cavi Chan launched Powderlab Coffee in November 2017 to bring quality coffee to the Hong Kong market, with a dash of convenience. Setting out to connect local artisan roasters of Hokkaido, Japan with the Hong Kong market in a way never done before, they are on a quest to make good coffee an easy choice for anyone.


Taking a break from their frantic lifestyle in Hong Kong, Danny and Cavi took a ski trip to Hokkaido in 2015. As the couple traversed down Japan’s renowned fine powdered snow whilst admiring the snow-covered mountaintops, they liked to stop en route for a special coffee made in a single-use drip bag. A fast-growing method of making coffee in Japan, thanks to its convenience and affordability without compromising on quality, the couple quickly realised this method was something they could import. And so Powderlab was born.

Today, Danny and Cavi source ground coffee exclusively blended in Hokkaido, working with a different artisanal roaster each month. The ground coffee is then sold in small pouches designed to be suspended over a cup with a paper stand, so coffee lovers can enjoy high-quality coffee efficiently. Following the experts in Japan, they sourced the filter they needed to make this process happen in Taiwan. All of this means that, with the same convenience as making instant coffee, you can pour hot water over the drip bag and watch the coffee grounds swirl into an aroma-filled fresh brew – and for just HKD 18 a shot.

In Japan, as in Hong Kong, ‘hand-drip’ or ‘pour over’ coffee is still the most common method used to make the real deal. But, for many inhabitants of both places, this slightly lengthy process doesn’t suit. Powderlab is now bridging the gap between quality and convenience. They’re also introducing coffee lovers to Hokkaido’s thriving artisanal coffee scene by introducing an online subscription service. Once you sign up, you’ll get a monthly delivery of coffee drip bags from different artisan roasters at the beginning of each month. Besides sharing the flavours blended by artisan coffee roasters, Powderlab also shares their stories, shedding light on the background to each of the roasting companies such as Cafémocha, the shop that produced their first batch and one with over 20 years of history.

By creating a deeper connection between their drinkers and the coffee roasters through the stories available on their website, Danny and Cavi hope to convey how authentic and flavoursome coffee with a story can be incorporated into daily routines without fuss and hassle. It’s this combination, one of a connection with the source and convenience, that places Powderlab in an interesting position. Well, that, and its delicious coffee. Watch this space.