Looking to focus on your wellbeing and improve productivity? Here are the best wellness apps out there to help you reach your full potential.

In this digital age, there is an app for everything and keeping up with an active and healthy lifestyle is no exception. From tracking your sleep and managing your stress to organising your workouts and creating better habits, these favourite apps of ours will help you maintain your health and wellness routine.

Meditate with Calmer You

The latest brainchild of Nick Begley, former Head of Research at Headspace, Calmer You is one of the best wellness apps dedicated to helping users build an anxiety-free future. Calmer You incorporates mindfulness, self-compassion exercises, diaphragmatic breathing and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques into their easy-to-follow courses. The app helps users form positive habits to break down their worries, boost their self-esteem, relieve their physical symptoms of anxiety and help them make decisions. We also talked to Nick about the 6 biggest things that you should know about anxiety in an exclusive interview. 

Available: iOS and Android
Price: Free for select features; USD 7.99/month for full access

Wellness Apps Calmer You

Hike with AllTrails

Looking to exercise outdoors, but are unsure where to go? Look no further than AllTrails, an app that helps you find the best running, biking and hiking trails near you. With photos and reviews from other users, this app also gives you the ability to filter by rating, length, and difficulty so that you can pick the perfect trail for you. You can even explore a new area with its inbuilt GPS tracker to help you find your way! Once you arrive at the designated trail, you can check-in on the app and download a map along with other important information for offline viewing.

Available: iOS and Android
Price: Free for select features; USD 29.99/year for full access

Hiking App AllTrails

Focus with Flipd

Train your mind to stay focused with Flipd. A productivity app that aims to help you stay on track, Flipd encourages you to spend time away from your phone, keeping track of how long you unplug with its ‘Mindful Moments’ feature, which locks your phone for a specified period of time. This app can also help you digitally detox by blocking distracting apps that may deter users from accomplishing important tasks. Also included are productivity tips and a library of guided meditations and self-care content to help you stay relaxed, present and focused.

Available: iOS and Android
Price: Free for select features; USD 12.99/year for full access

Flipd Focus Productivity App

Practice Self Care with Aloe Bud

With its retro 8-bit graphics and soft colour scheme, Aloe Bud is an adorably designed wellness app that seeks to bring awareness to the importance of mindfulness and self-care. An ‘all-in-one, self-care pocket companion’, this app makes use of push notifications to provide gentle daily reminders for activities like drinking water, eating on time, reaching out to friends and taking breaks. Aloe Bud also provides an activity log so that users can track their daily progress and reflect on their achievements. 

Available: iOS, with plans to expand to Android
Price: Free for select features; USD 3.99 for full access

Mental Health Wellness App Aloebud

Set Goals with Habitica

Hack your way into better habits with Habitica. A productivity app that encourages users to complete tasks and form solid habits, Habitica is packaged as a role-playing game that allows you to create a character and go on fantasy quests where each completed task rewards you with coins or points. By setting and accomplishing daily tasks or habits, users can level up their characters and gear up for battle, while each uncompleted task will lead to in-game punishments. You can even join a party with other users and go on quests together, taking on challenges to complete real-life tasks as a group.

Available: iOS or Android
Price: Free for select features; USD 4.99/month for additional features

Habitica Productivity App

Fall Asleep with Sleep Cycle

With Sleep Cycle, a good night’s sleep is right around the corner. Intuitive and user-friendly, this sleep app aims to optimise your waking time by tracking your sleep cycle so that you can wake up feeling refreshed. After setting your ideal window of time to wake up, Sleep Cycle’s in-built alarm clock system will sense your sleep movements and gently wake you at the lightest sleep phase. By sensing your sleep movements, Sleep Cycle can also break down each section of your sleep cycle and collate the data into your weekly and monthly sleep patterns. 

Available: iOS or Android
Price: Free

Sleep App Sleep Cycle

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