Sip specialty cocktails and tea along with high-end Cantonese cuisine Woo Cheong Tea House’s newly launched all-day dim sum tasting menu. 

Set in a historic four-storey tenement building in Wan Chai, high-end Cantonese restaurant Woo Cheong Tea House has released a new all-day dim sum tasting menu with the philosophy “innovating with tradition.”

The restaurant’s Dim Sum Head Chef Eric Sun has developed a range of delicate bites that honour tradition whilst showcasing innovation and unique twists. Featuring a plethora of signature creations, the new menu offers dim sum classics with a tasty spin, from steamed delights to crispy pan-fried nibbles. Woo Cheong Tea House offers specialty cocktails or tea to pair with your meal, the perfect complement for a delightful afternoon treat in the midst of bustling Wan Chai.

crispy pan-fried nibbles

The tasting menu features tasty steamed, baked, pan-fried, and deep-fried bites, along with sweet desserts to create a wholesome dim sum experience. Guests can select eight items from the menu to enjoy along with house special Stewed Noodles with spring onion, ginger, and abalone sauce.

An instant classic from the new collection is their Steamed Shrimp Dumpling with pork and dragon well tea. Inspired by a traditional  shrimp stir-fried with dragon well tea dish, the dumpling’s wrapper is perfumed with chopped tea leaves, creating a distinct golden hue and balancing out its hearty filling.

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling, Pork, Dragon Well Tea

Other tasty menu items include the Hong Kong Style Mini Pineapple Bun, with French butter is made in the style of Japanese “shokupan” milk bread, creating a soft, fragrant, and fluffy bun that perfectly wraps its butter filling. The Tom Yum Style Pan-seared Bun with mixed seafood is a creative dim sum interpretation of the beloved spicy and sour Thai tom yum soup, prepared with fresh shrimp, lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, chilli sauce, sword bean, scallops, squid, mushrooms, and other ingredients.

Adding to the savoury delights on offer, their Steamed Quinoa Rice Roll with mixed vegetables features a rice roll wrapper filled with fresh vegetables including cabbage, Chinese arrowroot, celery, mushrooms, and carrots.

mini pineapple bun, pan-fried bun, and quinoa rice rolls

Rounding up the menu, the fragrant and refreshing Steamed Sugarcane Juice Rolls with sugarcane juice- an ingredient well known for its cooling properties- produced by Kung Lee making a fun new dessert inspired by classic black sesame rolls.

Steamed Sugarcane Juice Rolls

Enjoy Woo Cheong Tea House’s new menu along with a curated selection of specialty teas or their all-day cocktail offerings. Enjoy these new delectable bites with a drink in hand on the tea house’s landmark building’s iconic century-old balcony.

Cocktails in hand

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