Billy Chuchat has made a name for himself for putting a new twist on pop music. With over 169 million Youtube video views, how did it all begin?

“I guess watching dance video inspired me to start YouTube. I was into dancing and wanted to show my dance crew my new moves,” explains Nutdanai Chuchat on how he created an online presence with his stage name Billy Chuchat .

But how did it all begin for the young musician? It all started with gathering a group of musically gifted friends who were able to sing, record, mix music and produce a video. His first video was posted in 2012, at the young age of 16, spending his spare time outside of school as a rising YouTube star.


Since music started off as a hobby, over the past few years, the videos has grown professionally with more creatively involved. It’s evident with his collaboration with local artist Violette Wautier reached over 17 million views on YouTube. As Billy recognises the unexpected electronic beats, he puts several sound experiences for viewers yet keeping the remixes recognisable.


By earning millions of reaches for free, it’s clear Youtube has become much more than an online media platform these days. However, the industry is extremely competitive so it’s not an easy platform to stand out.
“Being a YouTuber and making videos require a lot of time and dedication. It’s a part-time gig because of responsibilities and studying in college,” says Billy.

With a passion for music, Billy has inspired several Bangkok-based singers and created one of the strongest artist community online.

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