Yugo private aviation reports record highs in revenue due to increased demand of private charter flights in Asia and Europe brought on by Covid-induced commercial travel restrictions. 

Founded in Singapore, private aviation company Yugo Global Industries Pte Ltd has achieved significant growth in revenue through increased demand for private charter flights across Asia and Europe. This demand being brought on by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and maintained commercial travel restrictions, Yugo’s turnover has grown by more than 200% in the first 6 months of 2021, compared to 2020.

Focusing on providing private helicopter flights and business jets at optimised costs, Yugo emphasises their services are available “anywhere, anytime,” and the ongoing pandemic was an opportunity for the company to maximise the potential and safety of private air travel. Powered by their own air mobility platform, Yugo has built a network spreading across the Asia Pacific region, and now globally.

Yugo reported a surge in flight demand from their VIP customer bookings, for both business and leisure, as well as cargo flights, medical, and last mile air mobility transfers. However, with increased restrictions brought on by the Covid-19 Delta variant, the company is still not reaching their full potential.

Yugo Private Aviation Revenues Soar From Increased Private Flight Demand


According to Jim Baldy, Yugo’s CEO, “Our mission is to provide the possibility for our customers to fly private anywhere, anytime, by helicopters or private jets.” He adds: “Today, the challenge for our team consists in the variety of the requests we receive, which span from light jets to long-range across our top 30 destinations.”

To tackle this increased demand, Yugo has expanded their fleet and network to over 350 aircrafts, offering premium brands for their customers to choose from to ensure the utmost safety and privacy. This includes aircraft manufacturers including Gulfstream, Dassault Falcon Jets, Bombardier, Cessna Textron Aviation, and Embraer private jets as well as Bell, Airbus, Leonardo, and Robinson helicopters.

As Asia continues to face the Delta variant, including significant outbreaks in Southeast Asia, where Yugo primarily operates, whether the aviation market will continue to experience growth is in question. Yugo’s team stated however, they will continue to put in efforts “to provide the best services to customers with needs to fly private within Asia Pacific as well as to other part of the world.”


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