Hot Happenings - 06/07/17

#FEW Rethink Fashion

Written by Julianne D

Hong Kong-based Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide is a non-profit group with the aim to bring together entrepreneurs, start-ups and investors to inspire the next generation of female leader.

“If it’s cheap (clothes) don’t buy it. Why is it cheap? Because someone else down the line is paying for it,” convinces Sarah Fung as panel moderator Gordon Lam discusses why to choose sustainable fashion over mainstream fast fashion brands, and of course, the crowd agreed with her.

Last weekend, the Hive Life Hong Kong team joined #Rethinkfashion hosted by Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide. Local influencers in sustainable fashion gathered to share unique stories and passionate visions. Zero waste, carbon footprints and fair wages; these entrepreneurs are fixed on their mission – turning coffee grinds and plastic bottles into athleisure fabric; training and promoting fair working conditions to those in a difficult situation.

The fashion industry can rather be rowdy with all the companies competing for the same consumers. Luckily one of the essential tools is free, yes- the internet. These female innovators spread their knowledge about e-commerce and operationalizing their business.

Another key way for young fashion brands to stay above the game is by delivering strong, quality products that will last a lifetime. Despite the difficulty of establishing brands, we are proud to be eyewitnesses of the breakthrough of the sustainable fashion revolution in Hong Kong.

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