Places - 04/27/17

Fresh Off the Boat

Written by Rebecca Lau

Tucked away on Wan Chai Ferry Pier, Yamataka Seafood Market boasts 11,000 sq ft of space with an impressive selection of snacks, fresh seafood and restaurants dedicated to sushi lovers.

Any foodie will know the quality of Japanese food in Hong Kong is ridiculously high. However, finding an authentic spot that’s affordable is pretty hard to come by.

When the Hive Life team found out about Yamataka Seafood Market aka Hong Kong’s version of Tsukiji Fish Market; we were excited to find out what the deal was.

Launched in November 2016, Yamataka Seafood Market offers some of the freshest seafood in the world with fish imported daily from one of the busiest fish markets in Tokyo, Tsukiji Fish Market. Not only just that but Japan’s best alcohol, snacks and other fish products from other countries and sold for a fraction of a price compared to elsewhere.

There’s a dynamic selection of small eateries including donburi bowls and grilled seafood dishes catering to hard-to-please foodies. Like most authentic sushi restaurants, the sushi menu consists of sashimi sets. However the highlight of Yamataka is the sushi bar at the back which offers panoramic views of Victoria Harbour pushed against high glass window panels- we’re mesmerised as we order our dishes.

Take the Island line to Wan Chai station, exist A. Head towards HSCEC where you’ll find the Eagle Centre and follow the signs ahead.

Additional Details
2/F, Wan Chai Ferry Pier, Wan Chai, Hong Kong