Happenings - 03/10/17

Wonderfruit Festival 2017

Written by Piano Kaowsaard

Hearts and souls gathered for Wonderfruit, an inspiring music festival for everyone and anyone in South East Asia.

With the build up to Wonderfruit, how could one not be excited for a weekend of art, local crafts, food, music and workshop on the fields of Pattaya, Thailand. As the Hive Life team were impressed with the long line up of activities that started from 5am, we were fully charged in order to enjoy every laughers and moment carefully put together by the creative makers of Wonderfruit.

Located at Pattaya Country club, the key to Wonderfruit’s charm was the creative energy pulled from the activities, architectures and sculptures that worked with its identity as sustainable-driven festival. Makers were aware of how to create a charming atmosphere without the use of plastic products in order to support the green movement.

Before we headed into Wonderfruit, somebody told the Hive Life team that the most impressive thing about the festival was how the stages were made from eco-friendly materials like soil, wood and bamboo which left an impression on us upon arriving at the entrance.

From early morning yoga classes to an unexpected performance from At Adau at night, our editors were out and about scouring the best of music and art. Take a look at our images on Facebook for our highlights of WonderFruit 2017.

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