The Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School of Design’s annual design showcase, “2021 PolyU Design Show” closed last Friday, highlighting innovations spurred by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. From new technology focusing on those undergoing quarantine or working from home, to smart mobility solutions, these are the designs for products of the future. 

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University‘s School of Design closed their annual showcase on the 20th of August. The 2021 PolyU Design Show spotlighted designs from the school’s Bachelor, Masters, and Doctoral programmes across various disciplines. A virtual show and audio guide was developed for easier and safer access to the event.

Adversity breeds innovation in this exhibition where many of the students’ designs focused on healthcare and work from home solutions. From different devices and lighting features allowing for a more relaxing and engaging environment for those undergoing lockdown to smart mobility solutions, there was no shortage of innovation at the show.

The show featured integrated project, ISOASIS, that “aims to create a sustainable, holistic, and user-centered quarantine experience through interior, product, and communication design systems.” ISOASIS’ design emphasises needs beyond physical requirements, hoping to transform quarantine into “a mentally rewarding experience.” Through “chromotherapy,” and other lighting design elements, the project hopes to create an interactive space that emotes positive and soothing natural elements.

ISOASIS_2021 PolyU Design Show Spotlights Pandemic-Inspired Healthcare and WFH Innovations

ISOASIS by Stefanie Leung Lok Yin

“Design education nowadays is not only limited to providing skills training or provoking creativity, but also needs to offer an open and inspirational co-creation environment for students with different abilities and expertise to work together, learn from each other and grow together,” Professor Kun-Pyo Lee, the Dean of PolyU Design said.

The show also featured the “REVOPOD,” a smart mobility solution designed for Chinese urban senior citizens in the future. Hoping to break stereotypes about elderly mobility products, the REVOPOD’s design features a revolving cabin with a flexible opening angle which can form a half-open space for easy vehicular access and a smart shopping trolly that also serves as a walking aid. The design aims to create an easy user experience for elderly citizens to interact with their communities in an accessible and efficient way.

Revopod_2021 PolyU Design Show Spotlights Pandemic-Inspired Healthcare and WFH Innovations

Revopod by An Bang Ning

“Design problems have become far more complex than ever. Each problem typically requires expertise from more than one specific discipline, and therefore goes beyond an individual designer’s skillset. That is why we are trying to put students from different disciplines together to address design problems at a deeper level,” Professor Lee added.

Coddy_2021 PolyU Design Show Spotlights Pandemic-Inspired Healthcare and WFH Innovations

Coddy by Yeung Tsz Yan

Design nowadays fosters a ground for interdisciplinary innovation, where students can interact across different fields with different professionals, and work together to create technology-infused solutions for modern day dilemmas. Through the featured capstone projects, these students are designing smart solutions for the future.

Atmo_2021 PolyU Design Show

Atmo by Bob See Jun Hong

FEGO_2021 PolyU Design Show

FEGO by Bobo Tsui Ka Po

Although the physical exhibition of the show has been closed, the Virtual Show is still available online for digital visitors to engage with a 3D immersive exhibition.


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