AIRSIDE presents “BLUTOPIA,” the world’s first digital aquarium as part of its “Winter Voyage” immersive Christmas celebration blending digital art, marine ecology, and sustainable installations. 

In an exhilarating fusion of art, marine ecology, and festive spirit, AIRSIDE, Kai Tak’s premier retail hub, unveils its grand spectacle, “AIRSIDE Christmas: Winter Voyage.” Running from November 23, 2023, to January 19, 2024, “Winter Voyage” aims to blend holiday cheer with digital art and ecological consciousness.

blutopia airside digital aquarium

The hallmark of this extravaganza is BLUTOPIA, the world’s pioneer digital aquarium, redefining sensory encounters across five immersive zones.

Crafted by 12 global creative units, the exhibition transports attendees through various ocean layers, intertwining marine research data with mesmerising digital artistry. Featured exhibits include “SYMPHILÍA,” a coral reef installation combining Mixed Reality with crochet artistry, illuminating symbiotic ocean relationships, “COLOURFUL JELLIES,” an interactive light display mirroring the luminescence of jellyfish, and Philipp Artus‘ “AQUATICS” installation, empowering visitors to create unique deep-sea creatures.

airside winter voyage

At the heart of this spectacle lies the 5-metre-tall “Snowflake Rhapsody,” a testament to sustainable artistry, fashioned from over 2,300 recycled plastic pieces. This installation offers an interactive deep-water immersive encounter, advocating the crucial message of marine conservation.

blutopia airside digital aquarium

Moreover, AIRSIDE pioneers educational initiatives within BLUTOPIA’s Hidden space, collaborating with The Swire Institute of Marine Science (SWIMS). Here, visitors delve into marine ecology and intriguing ocean tales, fostering curiosity and critical thinking, envisioning the future of aquariums.

The event invites participation through NF Touch, facilitating augmented and mixed reality experiences, each lasting 45 minutes. Additionally, AIRSIDE will broadcast BLUTOPIA’s artists’ works thrice daily throughout its retail space, delivering an encompassing “Ocean Moment” for all.

BLUTOPIA Airside digital aquarium_Kai Tak's AIRSIDE Unveils World's First Digital Aquarium: BLUTOPIA

Complementing these digital wonders, AIRSIDE’s 2/F Atrium will feature a captivating “Snowflake Rhapsody” display, a 5-metre-tall marvel comprised of meticulously arranged recycled plastic snowflakes. Underneath, a specially-designed LED screen will immerse visitors in an underwater realm, coupled with tranquil oceanic sounds, creating a captivating festive atmosphere. 

KAI TAK AIRSIDE WINTER VILLAGE 2023 snowflake rhapsody

Location: BLUTOPIA Art: GATE33 Gallery, AIRSIDE, BLUTOPIA Education – Shop 216, AIRSIDE

More information and admission details are available here.


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