The Runway Hong Kong Autumn/Winter 2023 fashion show, hosted at the Hive Studios, featured nine top designers including Victor Chan Studio and ABI, alongside a bustling marketplace spotlighting local creativity, drawing over 200 attendees to celebrate emerging talent and fashion innovation.

The Hive Studios in Hong Kong recently hosted the annual Autumn/Winter 2023 edition of Runway, an event that brought together fashion enthusiasts, budding designers, and local creatives in a celebration of talent and style.

This much-anticipated event marked a significant comeback for the local fashion scene, presenting a vibrant showcase of nine headlining designers and a bustling marketplace featuring 20 local creative brands.

Runway Hong Kong 2023

Victor Chan Studio

Christopher Lau, the Regional Country Manager for Hong Kong, Thailand, and Vietnam at The Flexi Group, expressed excitement about the event, emphasising the Hive‘s commitment to supporting creatives, startups, and local businesses. “Year by year, each Runway show gets better and better,” Lau remarked, highlighting the platform’s dedication to showcasing Hong Kong’s talents.

Runway Hong Kong 2023


The evening at Runway Hong Kong 2023 unfolded with a stunning display of diverse talents from nine headlining designers.

ABI made a triumphant return from London and Paris Fashion Weeks, weaving natural landscapes into their garments, advocating for eco-conscious fashion. Runway veteran ASTRA Tailoring presented gender-blurring looks in their Spring/Summer 2024 collection. Victor Chan Studio, a fashion house that has risen in popularity through dressing local celebrities over the years, captured hearts with sparkling designs.

John Marcus Collections showcased elegant gowns, Holystreet brought street-inspired fashion, while Anaphe exuded luxury with silk pieces. SZMAN championed sustainable luxury, YMDH offered sleek street-style vibes, and Style Carousel curated a unique diversity of fashion pieces, collectively illuminating the runway with their unique styles and visions.

Runway Hong Kong 2023


The event introduced newly-formed dance crew, The Mixies, led by influencer and dancer Anisha Thai, who delivered a fierce performance while sporting sustainable KiBO shoes.

The Mixies led by Anisha Thai


The Mixies

Partnering with HK MODEL CAMP, the show provided a platform for emerging talent while highlighting the transformation and confidence of trainee models. The runway closed with a dazzling display as makeup sponsor Sapphire Shen and Lucie Petit from HK MODEL CAMP graced the stage in Victor Chan’s creations.

Runway Hong Kong 2023

Astra Tailoring

This A/W show marked a significant milestone as the first in Hong Kong since the onset of the pandemic, attracting over 200 attendees and showcasing the largest and most successful Runway event yet. The evening featured a full marketplace, boasting unique garments and lifestyle goods, while providing a platform for local creatives to shine.

Runway Hong Kong 2023

SZMAN / John Marcus Collections

The event encapsulated the essence of emerging talent, glamour, and sustainability, embodying the spirit of Runway as a nonprofit platform nurturing creativity in the fashion sphere.

Runway Hong Kong 2023

Photography credit: Richard Gordon


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