Whether you are a filmmaker, a street photographer or a script writer, an endearing opportunity to see your story on big screen is not out of reach.

Aimed at independent filmmakers who would like to share their stories to the public eye, Long Story Shorts is a project funded by HAL film. The open project ‘Lost in Blue’ combined three short stories and three directors under the theme of women, old love and water which received hugely positive critics and unexpected income. Three weeks after release, Long Story Shorts has made a heroic step for Thai independent film industry by making such a long time in cinema among mainstream Hollywood screenings.

Jirassaya Wongsutin, one of the directors of Lost In Blue and the winner of Thai short film competition 2015 speaks of her passion as filmmaker,“I often ask myself why I keen on making films. The answer is not going to be significant, but I think it’s the honest one I can give. Everyone has a different reason to make films. Mine is to write my diary by shooting the story and put it on the hard disk.”

Let’s hope a new wave of talent will inspire the local film industry in 2017 to support story tellers.



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