Shorties Film Festival is a new annual week-long celebration of Asia’s most exciting short film aimed at helping budding filmmakers get exposure and advice.

There has never been a better time to be an independent filmmaker. Thanks to both an increased audience appetite and the sheer determination of those involved to get their productions seen, independent movies are being watched by more people and having more impact on a global scale – not least in Asia.

At Hive Life, we have seen this growth first hand in our interviews with filmmakers. Producing stories designed to challenge social structures and change perceptions, they give hope and inspiration to others wanting to do the same. In Hong Kong, Joanna Bowers highlighted the hardships faced by domestic helpers in The Helper Documentary, in Singapore, filmmaker Jacqui Hocking can be found promoting global gender equality through video whilst in Vietnam we have seen the rise of filmmaker Nguyen Ngoc Tu Dung with her raw yet evocative vision. Back in September, we interviewed the director and entrepreneur Richard Crawford, who uses film in wonderful ways in his Secret Theatre immersive experiences.

The team at the Hive admires the stories these filmmakers tell, the perceptions they challenge and the truth and entertainment they bring to the table. That’s why we are launching Shorties Film Festival 2018. Aimed at helping budding filmmakers get exposure and advice, we are taking submissions now. Running throughout March with screenings and panel discussions in all Hive locations, it will culminate in a competition in April where the winner will receive funding assistance for a film project. To get involved, click here.