Starting out as a personal trainer at the age of 19, Cheryl Lin of Eat Train Love discusses the importance of finding the balance with food and exercise.

Body image is a struggle that most people deal with—Cheryl Lin, founder of Eat Train Love, is more than aware of this. Not only is there a constant pressure to look the part, but our happiness is often put at the mercy of how our bodies look to ourselves. Cheryl shares, “There are a lot of people who exercise for the wrong motivation—and that drains them instead of making them feel better”.

Inspired by Sheryl Sandberg’s famous rhetoric ‘What would you do if you weren’t afraid?’, Cheryl wanted to make a real difference with Eat Train Love. Launched in 2014, her fitness company aims to cultivate a healthy relationship with food and exercise. Along with the growing fitness industry, Eat Train Love empowers others to make changes in their lifestyles out of self-love through a series of programmes have helped many create positive changes. Today, Eat Train Love is a movement, a support system, a community, and a family. “The message we spread is not only that of positive change, but also female empowerment and charity through fitness,” explains Cheryl.

Right now, Cheryl proudly announces her latest project, “We are fundraising for our charity project, ETL For Good where we support the visions of non-profits in Siem Reap like New Cambodia Artists and The Phum Ou Village School.” They have been raising awareness through training programs and charity fitness events to play a part in fulfilling their dreams of creating better futures for women and men, regardless of their age.

Being a one-man team for now, when the going gets tough, Cheryl factors in time for herself to release any negative emotions through dance. It is an important outlet for her, where she can be freely expressive and connect with her body. “As cliched as it may sound, my work and clients are my sources of motivation too”, she shrugged, “I receive as much positive energy as I attempt to give.”

Balancing teaching, workshops and the necessities of running a business like marketing, admin and accounting can be difficult to manage. However, with curiosity and a growth mindset, Cheryl finds it a unique opportunity to challenge herself, meet different people and learn so much each and every day. After all, it all boils down to our health and not simply appearance.

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