Are you feeling disconnected from the food you’re eating? Step into 4th Floor Drip Bar to reconnect with the joy of creating the perfect experience again in Bangkok.

People feel more and more disconnected from the food they eat as the pace of life is speeding up more and more each day. Some of us try to seek for a way to reconnect, and food can be one way to bring us to the current moment. Enter 4th Floor Drip Bar, a cosy place that allows us to recreate that intimacy we once had with food.

Located deep in Sukhumvit 26, 4th Floor Drip Bar planted itself quietly on the 4th floor where trees provide a nice shade in the late afternoon. As soon as you walk through the wooden door, time seems to slow down; guests would sit back, relax and chat quietly. You’ll notice how the wooden furniture, Thai textiles and dried flowers hanging seem to gather together perfectly. The bar mainly focuses on serving fusion style tea and coffee, along with home recipe cooking and traditional Thai desserts as well as hosting different cooking and brewing workshops as well.

The bar’s second name is known to be ‘Slow Bar,’ which simply suggests for people to appreciate the present, to stay in the moment and to not rush after time like. You’ll find the bar’s owners, Worawut Joowattanapong, or Aith and Varitpan Akarimatanachat, or Chak presences behind the little wood-built bar counter. “To reconnect with the food you put into your mouth, being present as you are eating and indulging it is crucial. You appreciate things more when you slow down,” said Chak.

Although they take a great interest in the western methods of brewing, they’ve also found that imported ingredients do not always bring the utmost comfort. As a result, they have selected Thai ingredients from their childhood and embraced their roots through the highlighted coffee and tea menu to reconnect with the food they make.

Some of the highlights from the menu include Mongkhud Sumala, a drink with a base of white tea including jasmine, aloe vera, and pink orange, and Toob-Tub which is a lovely cup of milk coffee made from peanut chocolate and milk toffee. Last but not least, they also have daily selected homemade Thai desserts done by the very hands of Aith’s mom. So if you have a sweet tooth especially for all things coconut milk, you are surely in for a treat.

Additional Details
Address: 61/38 Sukhumvit Rd, Sukhumvit Soi 26, Bangkok 10110

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