Farandole launches its global marketplace for NFT fine wines and rare spirits on the Avalanche blockchain, enabling traceability, authenticity, and an enhanced customer experience.

Farandole, a new NFT marketplace for wine and spirits, has launched on the Avalanche blockchain, connecting producers with consumers directly, allowing for appropriate royalties, guaranteed authentication, and a more convenient customer experience. By leveraging innovative blockchain technology, Farandole is able to track every bottle throughout its entire product lifecycle, ensuring quality and a direct supplier to buyer pipeline.

“Growing up surrounded by wines from the Limoux region of France, I am personally eager to show how our product can tackle the authentication issue that the wine industry struggles with today. Through the use of NFTs, we hope to democratise the industry and attract a new audience of enthusiasts that can collect and learn more about the beautiful wines & spirits that we have on offer,” shared Maxime Hamonic, the CEO of Farandole.

Farandole NFT marketplace

Farandole’s team of experts have been developing the platform since March 2022, coming together to disrupt the traditional wine and spirits industry through Web3-enabled solutions. 

After its soft launch, Farandole’s marketplace will be officially launching on the 30th of June, 2022. Public token sales and product launches have also been scheduled with DEX/CEX listings.

NFT ownership will be easily trackable on the decentralised platform, as consumers will receive a digital asset and proof of ownership upon the purchase of a wine or spirit. And each time an NFT is traded, its physical counterpart will remain in optimal condition at a professional storage warehouse, until its owner is ready to enjoy it, significantly reducing the the large carbon footprint that results from frequent transportation and logistics complications conventional wine and sprit collecting entails. 

Farandole wine NFT

Any digital asset’s authenticity and integrity will be 100% guaranteed as its smart contract will be shared publicly and permanently on the blockchain, eliminating current challenges with fine wine and spirits authentication. The quality of each product will be ensured through wine traceability and qualitative data, such as temperature and pressure, will also be stored to guarantee their safekeeping. 

Farandole will also be opening a showroom in the metaverse where brands will be able to showcase their products and share information with customers. The NFT marketplace will also kick off a membership club with special benefits and access to physical and virtual events.

Farandole wine

Maison Bouey will be joining Farandole’s platform with the launch of an NFT collection of their 2022 En Primeurs season of wines, having already successfully released their own NFTs for Bordeaux Grand Cru Classé wines.

Farandole wine NFT


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