Gourmeta leads globally as the world’s first to tokenise fine dining, bringing a unique NFT fine dining experience to Michelin-starred Hong Kong restaurants Andō and MONO, following a successful auction at JIA Group’s Estro in April. 

The world’s first NFT fine dining concept, Gourmeta, has released their auction schedules for May, following a successful launch at JIA Group‘s Estro in April. Revolutionising how restaurants operate, the Hong Kong-based tech firm will be hosting its upcoming NFT auctions at Michelin-starred restaurants Andō and MONO. All NFTs are minted on the Ethereum blockchain, are available for trading on the OpenSea platform, and successful bidders will gain exclusive access to a fine dining experience at the restaurants.

Ando x Gourmeta NFT fine dining


Co-founded by Kenetic Capital, a Hong Kong-based blockchain venture capital and UK digital asset company Ioconic, Gourmeta aims to bring NFT technology to the mainstream, through collectable tokenised culinary experiences.

Through Gourmeta’s partnership with the world renowned JIA Group, and their sold-out initial launch at Estro, a concept founded by avant-garde Chef Antimo Maria Merone, they are collaborating to revolutionise the dining experience through proprietary technology.

Chef Antimo Maria Merone, Estro

Chef Antimo Maria Merone

Jamie Lewis, CEO of Ioconic and Co-founder at Gourmeta shares: “The NFT auction and dining event held in April is a significant testament for the concept of food NFTs, which only started to emerge in North America and Europe recently and is still ahead of its time especially in the APAC region. We look forward to the two events in May, and are excited to have a group of forward-looking experts from both the blockchain and F&B spaces onboard, and explore the infinite potential inherent in tokenising and digitising people’s dining experiences.”

After its Hong Kong launch, Gourmeta plans to expand their concept globally, with potential venues in Singapore, London, New York, and beyond. In addition to fine dining event access, early NFT adopters will also become part of the project’s governance.

Gourmeta x Estro event


The Andō NFT Auction will be held on the 14th of May, for an NFT fine dining event held on the 18th of May. Andō NFT bidding and menu details can be found at the attached links.

The MONO NFT Auction will be held on the 21st of May, for an NFT fine dining event held on the 28th of May. MONO NFT bidding and menu details can be found at the attached links.

Featured banner image: Estro


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