In an era of digital renaissance, 2022 is kickstarting a new breed of phenomenal event projects bringing together industry-leaders and paving the way for technological innovation. Enter the digital realm and step into the future with our guide to the upcoming NFT, blockchain, and crypto events happening in APAC in 2022.

The Asia Pacific (APAC) region has witnessed a continuing rise in the adoption of blockchain technology, with Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) at the forefront of this trend. Bridging the gap between the digital art world and blockchain’s seemingly limitless potential, this phenomenon has driven innovation and opened up numerous opportunities that have yet to be fully explored. 

NFTs allow us to tokenise entities through blockchain technologies with fluid ownership structures. Tokens include artwork, collectables, and even real estate. Following the widespread sensation of crypto and NFTs, entrepreneurs, investors, and art enthusiasts are entering into the realm of digital assets.

While the popularity of the NFTs is certain to drive more and more to take part in the trade, what has significantly propelled the movement is the visible shift in the social dynamics. As stated by NFT artist Mieke Marple, “A whole new class of crypto wealth has developed over the last few years, and this class looks different from the wealth that came before.” 

To a generation full of gamers, occasional psychedelics, and of course tech lovers, art holds a completely different sentiment, becoming a means of accessibility, fluidity, and collectibility.  

As the digital space becomes more mainstream, many enterprises have incorporated NFTs into their businesses and have been leading the role to educate and empower others on this trend. Experience and explore the latest happenings, both virtually and in person, with our NFT, crypto and blockchain 2022 event guide! 

NFT events APAC 2022_Digital Art Fair 2021

Hong Kong 

A Woman’s World 

Step into the Metaverse with Bamboo Scenes’ first-ever virtual NFT exhibition celebrating women artists and curators in Hong Kong. Bringing digital collectables to life, the Hong Kong-based curator paves the way for women creators and collectors manoeuvring the digital space. Bamboo Scenes collaborated with OnCyber to design the virtual space which offers an immersive 3D experience for viewers. 

“A Woman’s World” features a selection of some of the finest works in digital art, designed by local women artists. Amongst these works are NFT illustrations and photography by Claudia Chanhoi, Vivien Liu, and more. Traverse the realm of digitalised assets as Bamboo Scenes sheds light on the endless potential of NFTs and the emerging Metaverse. 

Date: 24 March – 30 April

Location: Virtual 

Price: Free Admission

NFT Events 2022_A Woman’s World

Meta Nostalgia 

Artistsverse is an influential fine arts presence in Asia that aspires to create a tech-inclusive platform for art lovers and collectors to enjoy. The art agency is returning with its sensational annual hit early this year, Meta Nostalgia, an ultra-realistic NFT Art Exhibition.  

Located in bustling Causeway Bay, the digital artspace will exhibit 9 local artists celebrated for their intrinsic art values, beautiful visual creations, and cutting-edge use of technology. Compelling photography compositions will be featured by Hong Kong-based photographers, Derry Ainsworth and Sean Foley. The first-ever NFT series work by a local leading comic artist, Elphonso Lam will also be spotlighted at the event. 

In addition, another project, Collected Memories by Derry Ainsworth, will be joining the exhibit in August. It maps an immersive art metamorphosis, embracing 3D installation and digital NFT innovation in the process. 

Reminisce the collective past of Hong Kong pop culture through interactive artworks, virtual reality experiences, and collectable NFTs.

Date: April & August (TBC)

Location: Tower 535, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Price: Available online

NFT Events 2022_Causeway Memories by Sean Foley

Causeway Memories by Sean Foley 

Of Nods and Nodes 

Q9 Capital together with Digital Art Fair Asia (DAFA) launched an NFT exhibition, “Of Nods and Nodes,” in March, which has extended its display until the end of April, 2022. Exhibiting works of both emerging and illustrious artists to bridge the gap between art and digital technology. 

DAFA’s initial success in 2021, has laid the foundations for a new digital era, creating a space for innovation and experimentation. The gallery features esteemed names such as Nick Teeple and Jonathan Liu, alongside award-winning artist, Refik Anadol

Nevertheless, “Of Nods and Nodes” is the exhibition of a lifetime, the featured artists’ works are more than just mesmerising and vibrant visuals, with algorithm-generated and artificial intelligence (AI) converging to realise surreal dreamscapes that encapsulate the future of technology. 

Date: 1 March – 30 April

Location: G/F Lobby, 9 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong

Price: Free Admission

NFT Events 2022 APAC_Insight by Nick Teeple

Insight by Nick Teeple

Digital Art Fair Asia

Cultivating artists and culture from around Asia, Digital Art Fair Asia sets new horizons for the art world. With its mission to foster modernism in art through technological innovation, the art fair enables the evolution of human perception and artistry experiences. 

Asia’s first and most space physical NFT art fair took place in 2021, showcasing groundbreaking inventiveness, with a refined range of new media and contemporary NFT art collectables.

Over 40 international and local artists were featured in the exhibition, accenting immersive tech-creations both physically and virtually. A truly fascinating experience, the event had full-blown success serving as an ultimate digital space for both art enthusiasts and novices, accommodating more than 25,700 visitors.   

For those who missed out on the opportunity last year, DAFA has officially announced Edition 2022 dates in Hong Kong. 

Details: 28 September – 5 October

Location: The Great Lawn, West Kowloon Cultural District

Price: HK$280 (early bird HK$224)

NFT Events 2022 APAC_Digital Art Fair 2021



Asia’s leading meta-conference explores the rise of high-tech solutions and metaverse reality, by framing the future of innovative technologies. MetaVentures will address important issues on digital assets, decentralised finance (DeFi), blockchains and the rise of tokenization, as well as highlight the association of Regulatory Compliance in Southern Asia. Participants will get to meet with investors and mentors, engage in live discussions, and network. 

Connecting professionals, and NFT and crypto enthusiasts with the world’s guiding visionary and growth leaders, MetaVentures is setting a precedent for Thailand and the Southeast Asian regions.

Date: 7-9 May

Location: Phuket, Thailand

Price: Available online

NFT events APAC 2022_MetaVentures


Blockchain Fest

Asia is advancing rapidly alongside the blockchain movement, with most of its population trying to grasp the technicalities at work. Early this year, Southeast Asia was labelled the epicentre of NFT trends, with the highest adoption rates worldwide. 

Venturing into the decentralised network, Blockchain Fest Asia by FINEXPO, brings an interactive hybrid event for individuals and businesses to explore countless opportunities in their space. A range of public conferences, exchange forums, summits, exhibitions, and valuable networking sessions will be hosted. 

Filled with inventiveness and futuristic elements, the tech-fest will break down the mass adoption of blockchain, while exploring NFTs and GameFi

Keynote speakers include Andy Meehan, the Chief Compliance Officer Gemini APAC, who will discuss the reformation of crypto regulations in the region. He will highlight the importance of sustainability and scalability business models in the crypto world alongside the co-founder and Managing Partner of Antler Asia, Jussi Salovaara.  

Date: 2-3 June

Location: Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre and Online 

Price: US$15 – US$570

NFT Events 2022 APAC_Blockchain Fest


NFT Bali 

An upcoming forum and exhibition organised by NFT Bali will feature a curated selection of up to 300 NFT Collections from digital creators, collectors, and investors. The event provides an immersive experience to newcomers navigating NFT trends with an in-depth analysis of blockchain technology. 

Hosting an excellent mix of investors and artists likewise, speakers will cover diverse topics ranging from  NFT implementation and strategy, and blockchain technology, to curating digital art, and the fundamentals of the digital space. 

Businesses and startups in APAC planning to integrate or shift to NFT spaces will find the event exceptionally valuable. The agenda will address the evolution and adoption of the blockchain ecosystem in business models that have scaled globally. 

Date: 9-11 April 

Location: Avalon Castle Ubud and Livestream 

Price: US$75 – US$120 (Check the Website for more details. )


Metaverse Ecosystem Development & Investment Conference (Asia Station)

Metaverse Ecosystem Development & Investment Conference Asia is a virtual event organised by Metaverse Club. Working closely with the Asia Pacific market, the metaverse forum dives into blockchain refinement and innovation on the spectrum of NFTs, GameFi, DeFi, and other blockchain technologies. Leading global leaders and establishments of the digital world will be in attendance, with over 500  gaming, NFT, metaverse, and decentralised tech companies featured. 

For those searching for a comprehensive guide to the future of the virtual ecosystem, this provides an immaculate opportunity to do just that. Witness a trailblazing moment, as the conference scours the endless possibilities and investment opportunities of metaverse spaces. 

Date: 24- 26 May

Location: Virtual 

Price: Available online


Featured banner image: Machine Hallucinations — Space : Metaverse by Refik Anadol


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