The JFOODO launches “The Beauty of Edible Artisanship ‘Bento’ with Japanese Food Products” in Hong Kong with delicious restaurant partnerships and a pop-up store in Lab Concept. 

The Japan Food Product Overseas Promotion Center (JFOODO) has launched “The Beauty of Edible Artisanship ‘Bento’ with Japanese Food Products” campaign in Hong Kong treating locals with authentic bentos from over 10 Japanese restaurants and an exclusive pop-up store in Lab Concept, Admiralty, from the 8th to the 17th of February, 2023.

“Through this campaign, JFOODO aims to reveal authentic Japanese bento artisanship to Hongkongers.” said JFOODO.

The featured bentos are indeed works of edible art, meticulously designed and created by expert chefs. The campaign will also introduce the lesser-known yet prestigious “Shokado Bento,” a traditional bento serving Japanese Kaiseki Cuisine.

JFOODO Shares the Beauty of Edible Artisanship - “Bento” with Hong Kong

Established by the government of Japan in 2017, the JFOODO aims to boost exports of Japanese agricultural, forestry, fishery, and food products through thoughtful promotions around the globe.

Artfully displaying a delightful selection of carefully created dishes, bento is the epitome of a food culture that integrates seasonal flavours and visual appeal with nutritional balance, convenience and functionality.

Chef with knife

Home to a diverse geographical landscape, Japan is rich with a plethora of delectable food ingredients, which n the hands of savvy artisans, can be transformed into skilfully prepared and artfully arranged bentos.

Participating Chef Koyama from Nadaman Island Shangri-La shared, “The bentos offered in this campaign are designed to make them more enjoyable for everyone in Hong Kong in terms of flavour, while maintaining the aesthetic food presentation based on  four seasons that is unique to Japanese cuisine. We hope that everyone in Hong Kong will take this opportunity to enjoy these bentos packed with Japanese artisanship.”


The Pop-Up Store at Lab Concept will be open from 11am-8pm from Wednesday, the 8th of February to Friday, the 17th of February, 2023

Address: Booth P4, Lab Concept, 93 Queensway, Admiralty

JFOODO Shares the Beauty of Edible Artisanship - “Bento” with Hong Kong


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