Are you a fan of delicate and fresh omakase? Finding an omakase restaurant with an authentic Japanese dining style is important to enjoying the experience. Make a reservation at one of our picks for the best omakase restaurants in Hong Kong.

When people think of Japanese cuisine, they usually connect it with sushi, rice bowls, and omakase. In Japanese, the term “omakase” traditionally means “I’ll leave it up to you,” translating to customers leaving their orders up to the chef. This style of dining is the key feature of enjoying a delicious omakase meal, in which customers are often pleasantly surprised by the array of fresh dishes served. 

Omakase is an intricate, multi-course meal, thoughtfully planned around a combination of ingredients, flavour, seasonality, and preparation. With such creative space for tailoring the menu, the omakase experience changes according to the occasion. Depending on the customer’s dining circumstance, the chef starts with selecting the appetizer, and makes decisions for the following dishes as the course progresses. 

Traditionally, before the 90s, sushi and omakase was a delicacy for those who passionately enjoyed the ins and outs of fish and seafood, and their fine flavours. Interestingly, people often appreciate an omakase meal without alcohol, to respect the preparation skills of the chef. The entrusted chefs are left to decide everything, while customers enjoy socialising with friends and family.

Omakase in Hong Kong has been rising in popularity, especially among younger people. There are a handful of recognised Omakase restaurants in the heart of Hong Kong that you might have even seen on your friend’s social media. Read on to discover the best omakase spots in Hong Kong. 

Sushi Saito 

Founded by Chef Takashi Saito, Sushi Saito is located in several major cities around the world. As a highly recognised chef, Chef Saito goes the extra mile to maintain the highest quality of ingredients. When it comes to omakase and raw fish dishes, the freshness and rich flavour is crucial, and Chef Saito ensures to source the highest quality fish. With the passion and care Chef Saito dedicates to his creations, the restaurant has even earned two star Michelin recognition. As renowned as Sushi Saito is, it is also located in one of the busiest hotels in Hong Kong. Situated on the highest floor of the famous Four Seasons Hotel, Sushi Saito is always in high demand as one of the most exclusive places to eat in the city. With only 16 seats available at once, you will have to be patient when holding your spot on their long reservation list. As exclusive as it is, Sushi Saito is always bustling with must try omakase in Hong Kong. 

Address: 45/F, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, 8 Financial Street, Central 

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12pm-1:30pm, 6pm-8pm, 8:15pm-10:15pm

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Sushi Zo

Initially started in Osaka, Japan, Sushi Zo ironically gained popularity for its branch in Los Angeles, even more so than in its hometown location. Since its shining success in Los Angeles, it has been operating in major culinary cities including Hong Kong. Founded by Chef Keizo Seiki in 2006, Sushi Zo focuses on expanding its menu while sustaining only the freshest ingredients.The restaurant has an unmatched 18-course omakase menu that will have you feeling more than satisfied with highly nutritious and delicate sushi. In order to maintain consistent high-quality flavours, the chef solely uses ingredients directly flown in from Japan each morning. With such devotion to quality control, be ready to expect a higher price range, but every bite will be worth it offering an unforgettable experience. 

Address: LG1/F Block 01 Tai Kwun Soho, 10 Hollywood Road, Central 

Opening Hours: Mon 6pm-11pm; Tues-Sat 12pm-2pm, 6pm-11pm

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One of Hong Kong-based dining group Le Comptoir’s restaurants, UMI presents the most discerning diners with a traditional edomae sushi experience in a refined and comfortable environment. Being only a ten guest seater, UMI represents a quaint and cozy sushi bar in the heart of Hong Kong. Started and managed by sushi Chef Yukio Kimijima, UMI serves the ambience and experience of Tokyo’s finest omakase dining. With a wooden interior made of Japanese Hinoki wood, UMI creates a sleek space for you to enjoy premium and traditional omakase.

Address: G/F, 159 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong (Across Man Mo Temple)

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12pm-1:30pm, 1:45pm-3:15pm, 6:30pm-8pm, 8:30pm-10pm

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For omakase lovers who are far from the city, FICUS JP is located in Tseung Kwan O (TKO), serving delicacy sushi, sashimi, and washoku in its omakase selection. Take a seat by the chef’s table to watch experts prepare your food and observe the veteran techniques used to handle delicate ingredients. FICUS JP is dearly loved by TKO customers, and you can even pair your omakase with a glass of sake at this restaurant. There is a pairing menu available for you to indulge in a full Japanese dining experience. Simply ask one of your hosts for a suggestion if you are unsure of the choices, they will be more than happy to pick out the perfect sake for the night. 

Address: Shop G12, G/F, Monterey Place, O’South Coast, 23 Tong Chun St, Tseung Kwan O

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12pm-10pm 

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Started in Osaka, Sushiyoshi has managed to achieve its title as a Michelin two star restaurant. Initially inspired by his father’s sushi restaurant 28 years ago, Chef Hiroki successfully established his own restaurant through dedication and passion for the culinary business. When he decided to delve into the international scene with his restaurants, he started exploring more creatively, to mix conventional techniques with innovative ingredients. Chef Hiroki’s unique culinary expeditions offer a spin on traditional omakase, presenting a playful and vibrant dining experience, but also honouring its traditional Japanese roots. 

Address: 1/F, The Otto Hotel, 8 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui 

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:30pm-3pm, 6:30pm-10pm 

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