In a first-ever immersive virtual experience for the city, the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association leads 70 local talents into the metaverse at Juxtaposed 2022 FASHION META. 

The Hong Kong fashion scene enters the metaverse at Juxtaposed 2022 FASHION META at No. 59 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong. From June 10 to 23, 2022, the event organised by the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association and sponsored by CreateHK, is the city’s first immersive virtual fashion show.

Juxtaposed FASHION META 2022: Hong Kong's First Virtual Fashion Show


Through four thematic exhibition zones at the iconic venue, visitors were able to experience innovation and traditional craftsmanship from 70 local fashion design units hailing from different generations and creative styles.

The four zones featured installations inspired by Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, and Paris, reimagining and contrasting different cultural identities juxtaposed with the creator’s own. Curated virtual images were also available for a synchronised virtual reality (VR) fashion experience.

At the Juxtaposed 2022 FASHION META’s opening ceremony, the Young Talent Awards were also presented, to local fashion designers Tiger Chung and Alex Tse.

Juxtaposed 2022 FASHION META No. 59 Queen's Road Central


A pop-up shop enabled guests to synchronise their visitor experience with online shopping, seamlessly merging the traditional customer experience with a curated fashion exhibition. Through the latest encryption technology and works from Artify and NFT marketplace BOAX, Juxtaposed 2022 FASHION META also launched the first NFT fashion collection from Hong Kong designers.

Through this pop-up shop, unique, contemporary looks from 12 local fashion designers have entered Web3 and are now available on the global virtual market, hailing a new wave of fashion that further blurs the lines between reality and virtuality.

Juxtaposed 2022 FASHION META


Hong Kong’s first immersive virtual fashion show

One of many firsts, Justaposed 2022 FASHION META is also the first virtual fashion show in Hong Kong. Through state of the art technology, the venue breaks through the barriers of the physical world and opens up to a 360-degree immersive experience. Visitors will not only be able to visit the actual exhibit, but also witness the wider virtual fashion universe. Through customised virtual avatars, guests will be able to “try on” exhibited wearable art pieces by the featured designers in the realm of the “JuxtaVerse.”

Juxtaposed 2022 FASHION META


Until Thursday, the 23rd of June, tickets can be booked on

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