Leading Thai restaurant operator announces partnership with Novaland Group (NovaGroup)’s F&B branch, Nova FnB. Together, they will establish a chain of Thai dining destinations, starting with their flagship Mango Tree restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 

Thai restaurant chain Mango Tree Worldwide is partnering with NovaGroup, one of Vietnam’s leading multi-industry conglomerates, in a collaboration that will bring the internationally recognised culinary brand to Vietnam in 2021.

Although Mango Tree has operated its COCA restaurant, Suki Hot Pot, in the country over the past decade, bringing its flagship brand to the country in partnership with Nova FnB opens a window to new culinary experiences and signals the restaurant operators’ intentions for growth in the market.

The flagship restaurant opening is scheduled for Q3 2021 in downtown Ho Chi Minh City. In a renovated historical property with high ceilings and elegant interiors, the restaurant will hold indoor seating areas, a bar lounge, and two private rooms for events bookings. Drawing from Vietnam’s culture in a chic and stylish design, Mango Tree Vietnam will be a go to destination for young entrepreneurs and working professionals in the city.

Guests will be able to enjoy authentic Thai cuisine from a curated menu made from fine ingredients including fresh seafood, premium meats, organic herbs and local spices. Comprising of a collection of vibrant salads and starters, wok-fried specialties, aromatic curries and delicious tropical desserts, the in-restaurant bar will complement this menu with cool beverages and handcrafted cocktails.

“We have been planning to enter the market for some time, but we needed to wait until we found the right partner. As one of Vietnam’s top conglomerates, NovaGroup provides the solid foundations and local expertise that will enable us to expand across southern Vietnam. We look forward to introducing a new era of Thai gastronomy to Vietnam, starting with our new flagship restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City,” said Trevor MacKenzie, Global Managing Director of Mango Tree Worldwide.

Mango Tree Partners with Novagroup Bringing Thai Gastronomy to Vietnam

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam achieved economic growth of 2.9% in 2020, and is leading Asia’s economic development. The country’s success is attracting foreign investment and providing opportunities for expansion, including Mango Tree’s partnership with Nova FnB. After Mango Tree’s flagship launch, the partners plan to open branches all across Vietnam, integrated into NovaGroup’s real estate developments. This makes Nova FnB the perfect partner for Mango Tree, as the company works towards their target of operating 100 outlets worldwide by 2025.


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