MonoC, Hong Kong’s first surrealist Metahuman artist, is set to debut her compelling algorithm-generated and fantasy-like series of artworks at the Hong Kong Digital Art Fair this October. 

Pioneering algorithmic Metahuman artist based in Hong Kong, MonoC, created by leading BrandTech company in Asia, Gusto Collective, will premier her data-encrypted surrealism art at the Digital Art Fair, from October 20 to November 6. Hailed as the first-ever virtual presence to be featured at this year’s Xperience edition of the event, MonoC will unleash her creativity merged with modern technologies and surrealist capabilities, bringing art connoisseurs of all appreciation levels into the digital era.

MonoC will make her debut with her immersive series of generative artworks, “Corona Florella,” reimagining an innovative and thought-provoking narrative of humanity’s battle with the Covid-19 pandemic, celebrating the resilience and evolution of technology alongside data science. The monumental series will reinvent experiences with modern art and forge meaningful connections.

Metahuman MonoC

Corona Florella’s first four art pieces are centred upon the diverse experiences and evolutionary stages of the pandemic, weaved into the signature floral motif  of the Metahuman artist. Generated through data gathering from the seven continents, the art series creates a unique narrative, from the global spread of Covid-19, to its accelerating death rate, to immunisation, and finally, recovery.

Its fifth illustration consolidates all key phases of the pandemic in one spectacular and stimulating statement piece. The sixth work highlights a transformative narrative of artistic voice and motifs, including an interactive video art piece integrating unique dance movements in hopes to trigger a dialogue on the physical and psychological suffering brought during this time.

Metahuman MonoC


MonoC, simplified from the moniker “Monochromatic,”was developed as an artistic manifestation of trailblazing Hong Kong-based BrandTech firm, Gusto Collective.

Gusto Collective CEO Aaron Lau commented, “MonoC is born out of data, but lives for art. Metahuman art has immense potential; data is leveraged for facts, yet interpretation is only possible for the conscious mind. Art has always been a powerful communicator, connecting artist and audience, and today’s digital art makes this connection more immediate, more immersive and more enthralling.”

MonoC’s generative work targets young generations and creatives leading the innovation and digital modernisation of tomorrow, bridging the gap between traditional forms of arm and the avant-grade technologies of tomorrow.

Metahuman MonoC


Being featured at the Digital Art Fair Xperience Hong Kong 2022 opens opportunities for future innovation and provides other digital artists a democratic space to bring attention to new narratives, art forms, and their unique expressions, empowering them to transform the world of traditional art.

MonoC’s first four creations will be presented at Digital Art Fair and will be available for purchase on site. Tickets can be purchased here.

The latter two artworks will be auctioned at Sotheby’s.


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