Cupid Leung of Sushi Man has carefully constructed a sequence of Omakase menus that caters those hungry for the intimate experience.

From the exterior, the restaurant displays a pristine and immaculate touch with its light wooden upper structure for a more traditional look and wide marble-type tiles to denote sophistication. The characters 鮨文 (Sushi Man) are neatly imprinted on the noren hanging before the door. Upon entering, you are greeted joyously by the host of chefs behind the sushi bar and more so by the waitresses receiving you. As soon as the door closes, guests are disconnected from the bustle of the streets.

There’s a small selection of Omakase menus which ranges from HK$300 to HK$1800, depending on the type of fish that have been imported. Cupid expects nothing but perfection, and this is showcased by the level of organisation and discipline behind the bar with a collection of Japanese knives, small pots, seasonings, and hand towels meticulously placed where they ought to be. With over 11 years of training, Cupid shares that his number one priority when serving his guests is happiness – “As long as my guests are happy, that is all that matters.”

Sushi Man holds no intention of shying away from competition. In fact, the restaurant was awarded ‘Best Japanese Restaurant’ by OpenRice for 2 consecutive years, but Cupid explains that he still hasn’t reached success – “Jiro Ono reached success at the age of 91 and still he is still making sushi. In 15 years time I won’t even be half of what he is now, so I don’t think I have reached success yet.” But when it comes to quality, Sushi Man shines amongst the brightest in the industry with daily imports from the acclaimed Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. Cupid asserts that this is the only way to maintain their high standard despite the enormous costs.

Be prepared to relax and chat with Cupid and his team, especially during mealtime as he expresses, “My guests are my friends. When they come to eat for the first time, I would treat them as I would treat a friend so we can all have a good time.” It is also essential to let them know once you’ve had enough sushi or if you’re avid for more so they can know when to stop feeding you.

Read more about Cupid Leung’s journey here.

Address: Shop 5, G/F, Lee Fat House, No. 5 Yan Lok Square, Yuen Long
Telephone: +852 2285 9477

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