Stories are powerful, and sharing these real experiences can really help others have a more personal connection to and understanding of a complicated issue like human trafficking.

Beneath the success of a pulsating city like Hong Kong, there is still ongoing criminality and violence. One of the organisations that are trying to make a difference against human trafficking is 100storiesHK – will be launching their “story-sharing platform” on 5th of July. That will give light and voice for survivor’s stories. Coming to KUC Space will help you get in touch with the stakeholders and key players of this community who are fighting against human trafficking.

We’ve talked to 100 HK for more information “There is a lot of money to be made here, and Hong Kong is still a relatively stable city politically and economically compared to many other places in the region. Because of this, more stable, wealthy places like HK, Singapore, and Taiwan become attractive places for people to try and earn a decent living. Their desperation makes them extremely vulnerable to be exploited and taken advantage of.”

Victims are exploited for their lack of awareness of the laws and their rights here and had to endure abusive working or living conditions; such as constant verbal and emotional abuse, excessive working hours, having to sleep in the kitchen, or not being given any food. 100storiesHK have also come across a few stories of women lured to Hong Kong to be sex workers and then experiencing threats of violence and control once they arrive.

Through their hope is that people will be moved to compassion, and urge the HK Government to be more proactive. The passion is the desire to give these stories its own platform, with the support and collaboration of several frontline NGOs. By sharing these stories, we hope to bring more awareness, and hopefully, with awareness comes motivation and action to help bring positive change in Hong Kong.

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