We touch down in Bangkok with Kampanart Netpakdee, the man behind planting 4000 trees with the aim to create a public tree tunnel. Kampanart Netpakdee Kampanart Netpakdee

Born into a farmers’ family in Udornthani, the largest agricultural area in Thailand, Kampanart inherited a lot of his parents’ gifts. “I didn’t plant trees for any other complicated agendas; I plant trees because I simply love planting” are the words imprinted on the passionate farmer since his since his mother once told him when he was a child.

Working in a corporate job for 45 years, he decided to start follow his own dreams at the age of 47 back in his hometown. For the past 2 years, he has dedicated his time filling his land with thousands of seeds just to provide an eco-friendly environment for the next generation.

With the intention to open the ozone space for everyone, he strongly believes that Biochemical Technology is something we should preserve. “The seeds I grow is called ‘Yang-na’. When they grow older, they tend to curve down to each other, providing a nice tunnel for the passing cars. I think it will make a wonderful scene.”

Surrounded by agriculture since a young age, he learned how to transform unmilled rice into different products. For the past 2 years, he has spent his spare time producing home-made rice whisky and sticky rice snacks alongside hosting soil mixing workshops in Bangkok every month. His home is also occasionally open for neighbours and visitors for a free whisky-making course every once in awhile.


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