Hong Kong social enterprise r é n collaborates with Basehall 02 to launch a new Brain Light (Bring Light) campaign to raise brain cancer awareness and support the Cancerinformation.com.hk Charity Foundation Limited. 

Connecting the thread between art and food, r é n‘s latest Brain Light (Bring Light) campaign is raising funds and awareness for the Cancerinformation.com.hk Charity Foundation Limited (CICF). In partnership with BaseHall 02, a luminescent art installation reimagining brain scans as floral artwork will be on display from the 10th of May until the 17th of June, 2023.

Conceived by Dr. Joseph Au, the President of the Hong Kong Society of Precision Oncology (HKPOS), he aims to use this campaign as a platform to deepen awareness of Glioblastoma (GBM) in Hong Kong and incentivise the local government to subsidise Tumour Treating Fields (TTF) treatment to support underprivileged patients.

TTF is a relatively new treatment that has been practiced since 2019. In 2020 alone, there were 1,026 newly discovered cases of primary brain and other central nervous system tumours in Hong Kong, with the median age of patients being 58 years old, and a quarter of the cases being malignant.

“Caring for your loved one with brain cancer can be demanding and exhausting but your love will prevail. We are here for you to provide professional support and to advise on the resources available,” said Dr. Joseph Siu-Kie Au, the President of the Hong Kong Society of Precision Oncology.

Dr. Joseph Siu-Kie Au, President of Hong Kong Society of Precision Oncology

Dr. Au connected with Jo Soo-Tang, the Founder of r é n, to explore integrating food into this campaign as a physical representation of positivity. Pastries named “Baked Blooms” will be available for purchase throughout the campaign that have been lovingly made by an underprivileged baker, Cookie. Reflecting the art installation’s use of floral imagery to represent hope, love, gratitude, and care, the limited edition Chinese baked pastries have been made in the image of the floral brain scans.

Each box contains four different flavours – sesame, matcha, red bean, and taro – and will be available for purchase at BaseHall 02 throughout the campaign duration.

r e n cancer awareness_r é n and Basehall 02 Launch Brain Light (Bring Light) Campaign to Raise Cancer Awareness

“Food brings people together, makes memories, and expresses love and care… No matter where the recipe comes from and it’s a bonus to be able to help Cookie, a local baker fulfil her dreams with these gorgeous Baked Blooms,” commented Jo Soo-Tang, the Founder and Principal Advocate of r é n.

Jo Soo-Tang, Founder and Principal Advocate, r é n 人 The Brain Light (Bring Light) campaign

The Brain Light (Bring Light) campaign was made possible by the generous support from BaseHall 02, Napp Studio, and HATO.


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