Leading Hong Kong developer Henderson Land Group and local sustainable food consultancy Future Green introduce a new Carbon Labelling Menu Programme to the city, launching in six F&B concepts in March 2023. 

Joining hands to help the city’s food and beverages (F&B) industry become more sustainable leading property developer Henderson Land Group and the region’s food systems sustainability voice, Future Green, have launched their new “Carbon Labelling Programme” in March 2023.

Dedicated to fostering a more sustainable food culture in Hong Kong, diners at participating restaurants will be able to find easily-marked carbon labelled icons on their menus displaying each dish’s environmental impact, thereby encouraging them to order consciously and choose more planet-friendly items.

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Continuing their commitment towards advancing sustainable development, six of Henderson Land’s F&B establishments and tenants will be participating in the Carbon Labelling Programme including their own Chinesology and JAJA, as well as Gassan, Tell Camellia, TREEHOUSE, and Wulao HK.

Heidi Yu-Spurrell, the CEO of Future Green, commented, “Global food systems currently account for around a third of greenhouse gas emissions. With the world’s population rapidly growing, demand for food is expected to double by 2050 leading to more intensive food production – and dramatically higher emission levels unless we radically change how we produce, consume and dispose of food. Thanks to the support of Henderson Land Group, a sustainability pioneer, we can directly reach diners and help them make more informed dining decisions. Launching in March, we are delighted to debut this initiative with these leading establishments.”

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The programme’s six participating restaurants are a showcase of a diverse range of cuisines and culinary styles from Chinese and Japanese, to Western experiences. From redefining Chinese cuisine at Chinesology to refined vegetarian delicacies at JAJA and luxurious Japanese showstoppers at Gassan, diners will be able to enjoy both exceptional and responsible food. TREEHOUSE’s renowned plant-based dishes offer eco-conscious dining whilst Wulao’s authentic Taiwanese hotpot creations will be a uniquely carbon-labelled experience.

On the bar side, Tell Camellia’s low carbon craft cocktails inspired by tea source from local ingredients and are a delightful twist on traditional beverages.

Future Green Teams Up with Henderson Land Group to Pilot Carbon Labelling Menu Programme in Hong Kong

Tell Camellia

The carbon menus will label dishes and cocktails as low, medium, or high in terms of their climate impact. A low-impact meal is defined as emitting 0.5 kg CO2e or less, based on World Wide Fund for Nature’s (WWF) One Planet Plate initiative advising how to consciously consume to reach the UN’s climate goals. The programme will track carbon footprint for the various dishes at the restaurants and will be calculated to measure a range of food impact factors including land use, transport and packaging, and whether consumer behaviour changes.

Future Green Teams Up with Henderson Land Group to Pilot Carbon Labelling Menu Programme in Hong Kong

The Culinary Director of Chinesology, Saito Chau, added that the restaurant ”gives full support to the Carbon Labelling Programme. With the increasing concerns about climate change, it is necessary to provide less carbon emission dishes for consumers. By sourcing more local produce, we are putting greater attention to not only providing the season’s finest produce but also contributing to lessening the carbon emission to the environment.”

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